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17 September, 2017 Ulysses Mostly Accessible Export styles have not been accessible for a long time: they promised a month ago (via an AppleVis user) that a fix is coming very soon, but also state that the fix was available as of Sierra, and High Sierra comes out in a few days. So, 1 year, no action. Although their feature list touts that you can control the app entirely without a mouse, mouse drag and drop is the only way to organize the library. Locking the mouse with vo+command+shift space sometimes works, sometimes not. The app seems fully accessible otherwise, but these are critical features and bespeak the fact that their attention to accessibility is passive rather than proactive at this stage.
11 June, 2018 Strava: Run, Ride, Swim Mostly Accessible The app is mostly accessible, but after 18 months of email exchanges with various different personnel in Strava support that keep leaving their organisation, I've still failed to have them update the app to add labels for the Kudos and Comment buttons in the activity feed. Such a simple fix and they are not responsive. The desktop web view is more intuitively designed. The Name and Description edit fields for any activity for some reason are cumbersome to amend/edit, indicating they are not using proper API functions to render/implement this straight forward editable text area element. So, its a great app, but immensely frustrating that they do not respond in 2 years to the simplest of basic VoiceOver accessibility improvement requests.
4 October, 2019 IFTTT Mostly Accessible 90% accessible again with only a few things that are still unlabelled. A great job by the developers to resurrect this app from the completely inaccessible state it was in a few months ago.
12 December, 2019 Deezer: Music & Podcast Player Mostly Accessible İ did not find an accessibility problem,but i guess someone did. İ wanted to post about deezer,but i’m not good at links
25 August, 2018 Duolingo Mostly Accessible In the latest version, you can know if you have learned a skill when you reach level 1. The next skill will be unlocked after this point
9 July, 2019 Texas Hold’em Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
21 January, 2019 Amazon Alexa Mostly Accessible I received an Amazon Echo for my birthday, and got the companion iOS app last night. I was able to sign into my Amazon account last night and then again this morning. This app seems to work pretty well with VoiceOver, but some of the options don't appear to do anything such as Preferences. My device was set up earlier today though, and is working great so far.
14 January, 2020 myHomework Student Planner Mostly Accessible Everything works well except the class times, they're labeled a bit strangely and are a little confusing.
21 March, 2020 Dolby On: Record Audio & Video Mostly Accessible When you go live, you can’t tell which camera the livestream is on. For example, I can’t tell whether it is on front or back facing.
16 February, 2020 BitLife Mostly Accessible Some of the tests aren’t accessible for voiceover users. Mor are the prison escapes, burglaries, etc.
19 November, 2018 Facebook Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
24 February, 2020 Adventure To Fate : Quest To The Future JRPG Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
5 June, 2019 The Life Simulator Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
24 December, 2017 Hatchi - A retro virtual pet Mostly Accessible The Mountain and Botanical evolution guides are not accessible with VoiceOver.
11 January, 2019 Universal Paperclips™ Mostly Accessible The ongly thing inn-accessible with this game for me was the quantum-computing, which requires you to see when the chips are brighter or perfectly colored to generate ops. Everything else is fully labelled.
9 August, 2018 Instacart Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
16 April, 2017 Blindfold Connect Mostly Accessible Probably great. Unless you use braille, in which case too bad.
8 December, 2018 BitLife Mostly Accessible It is mostly doable. Most critical thing is the event choices are not labeled.
27 May, 2017 Facebook Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
23 May, 2019 Mobile aquarium Mostly Accessible Most buttons are clearly labeled, for the rest you can just tap to see what they do then label them yourself. Although I haven't figured out how to put hats on the fish yet. I've only had them for not even a full day though so maybe I have to wait until they get bigger? We'll see.
3 October, 2019 BitLife Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
22 April, 2017 RS Games Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
9 December, 2018 Travelear: Listen to the World Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
2 May, 2020 Metronome Touch Mostly Accessible Everything looks good except for the tap to beat function which I'm wating for.
10 October, 2018 Dice World Mostly Accessible Almost totally accessible. The only hangup I found was the dice picker in Settings. No way to close with VO.