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24 June, 2018 KNFB Reader Fully Accessible No additional comments.
23 April, 2017 King of Dragon Pass Fully Accessible I thought I would never play at text game but this one has caught my attention. Officially hooked.
24 April, 2017 King of Dragon Pass Fully Accessible No additional comments.
21 December, 2017 Khan Academy Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
24 November, 2019 Jw Library Mostly Accessible The accessibility has improved since version 11.0, please check it out :)
2 January, 2018 JustBlog - Simple blogging for Wordpress Mostly Accessible I just got this app from the Mac app Store, and the interface is very clean. There is a pop-up button which seems to be unlabeled, but this appears to be the menu for choosing between blogs that have been configured to work with the app. I just attempted to set up a WordPress site where I am a contributor. This site is listed in the app, but when I tried publishing a post I got an error. But this could be my Internet acting up again, since I've had issues with that for the past few days now. I like this app though.
8 December, 2017 Just Press Record Fully Accessible Everything you can do as a seighted can be done with voiceover and also the buttons are clearly labeled and the developers have worked very well to actually make this app accessible. I use it to make an audio diary.
25 June, 2019 Just Press Record Fully Accessible Very easy to use.
30 September, 2017 iText Express Fully Accessible Very accessible. Can't figure out how to save in doc format though witch is annoying, however that isn't an accessibility issue, the overall accessibility is great.
19 July, 2018 iPeriod Lite Period Tracker Fully Accessible Maybe this app was previously inaccessible, but I used it in the past, and it works just fine.
16 November, 2019 Invisible Dragons Partially Accessible The Sacrificing process is completely inaccessible, and that is the only way to move up in the game.
9 August, 2018 Instacart Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
5 June, 2017 Instacart Fully Accessible Accessibility is much improved, I find voiceover reads everything now, buttons, tabs, and so on.
14 June, 2017 Instacart Mostly Accessible While accessibility has improved, blind people continue to be excluded from important tasks such as rating their order experience, providing feedback and communicating with the company in general. I couldn't recommend this app until those concerns are appropriately addressed. Remember, accessibility is about full participation, not just accepting the crumbs people are sometimes willing to give us.
18 November, 2019 Instacart Fully Accessible It's been about a year since I used the app, but I was very happy with it. It was totally accessible and I could prepare and submit my grocery order with a local store entirely independently. Awesome. The only reason I haven't used it more recently is I haven't had an urgent need lately for grocery delivery.
7 June, 2017 Instacart Fully Accessible This app's rating needs to be updated. When it first came out, it was a fitting rating. However, the devs have gone through a good deal of effort (okay, maybe it wasn't all that much effort) to make it accessible and have done so.
7 June, 2017 Instacart Fully Accessible This app is fully accessible--I don't get the rating on the app page as I use it at least once a week with no issues. Buttons are fully labeled, delivery times are selectable (just make sure you choose a day before you choose a time), and everything is read by voiceover as expected.
4 October, 2019 IFTTT Mostly Accessible 90% accessible again with only a few things that are still unlabelled. A great job by the developers to resurrect this app from the completely inaccessible state it was in a few months ago.
7 May, 2018 Idle Crafting Kingdom Fully Accessible No additional comments.
8 October, 2017 Idle Crafting Kingdom Fully Accessible This app is very accessible. It is really amazing how far it has come along. I definitely recommend this app to those who don't like gory fighting games.
21 December, 2017 Idle Crafting Kingdom Fully Accessible This is a very accessible app and I highly recommend it.
16 April, 2017 iCatcher! Podcast Player Mostly Accessible must concur with the original poster. It is almost fully accessible. As I have also seen that the three buttons mentioned of the All, New, and Playable are not being displayed or heard by VoiceOver of which are selected. You can only select one of these at a time and it is not possible to know which is selected by VoiceOver. Besides this minor element problem everything else works great.
29 October, 2017 Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies Inaccessible Though VoiceOver will read tabs at the bottom of the screen, and it can recognize some categories like Kids, Movies, etc, if you enter those sections, you are not able to go further because although text is read when you flick, the text is actually not recognized by moving your finger around the screen or when double tapping on it. Elements are not recognized by VoiceOver and so you cannot play any content because you are unable to select it.
21 May, 2018 Hosted Games Fully Accessible Works great!
3 June, 2019 Hokusai Audio Editor Fully Accessible No additional comments.