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21 February, 2020 ‎Microsoft Office Fully Accessible In case you haven't tested this yet, it is even possible to convert image based PDF documents to Word and from testing the results were legible. And yes this can be done at no additional charge to the user. You do not even need an Office 365 subscription to use this.
13 December, 2018 ZOOM Cloud Meetings Fully Accessible No additional comments.
14 July, 2019 YouMail Voicemail & Spam Block Mostly Accessible When I upgraded to the professional plan, I couldn’t edit the auto-attendant menu. They listen to feedback as well. The email address to send accessibility feedback is and their phone number for their customer service is 800-374-0013
18 November, 2018 Yelp-Food & Services Around Me Partially Accessible Those controls for browsing different categories and local businesses are mostly accessible, although in some parts of the app standard controls are not being used. Some mothers, such as the box the check that you agree when trying to registering a new account, I was unable to use with voiceover. Also when trying to read a review of a local business, I couldn’t go back to the previous screen. Double tap the back button didn’t work, scrubbed didn’t work, turning off and on voiceover didn’t work;
1 May, 2018 Woven Words Fully Accessible Enabling tips and phonetics on the rotor is very helpful when playing this game. I purchased the all access pass in order to support the developers. The version number listed in the game itself is
25 November, 2019 WhatsApp Messenger Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
29 November, 2018 Weather Gods Fully Accessible I just got this app for my iPhone, and had a brief look at it. Everything is clearly labeled for VoiceOver, and I love the sounds. This app will certainly come in handy.
3 December, 2019 Weather Gods Fully Accessible most accessible app in the store, my favorite!
21 April, 2017 Weather Gods Fully Accessible I love this app! If anyone is looking for a weather app that can give them alerts, forecasts and is fully accessible, then I strongly recommend this app! The only thing I'll say, is that it runs in portrait mode, which is really a preference thing. The developer is planning a release where it will support landscape mode on ipads. That is something I like to make people aware of though. All you can do is wait for the next version.
25 August, 2019 Weather Gods Fully Accessible I love this app!
7 August, 2019 Weather Gods Fully Accessible No additional comments.
21 June, 2018 Weather Gods Fully Accessible The developers do a great job with the accessibility of this app. It is just as accessible on the phone or the watch. I love the watch complication.
18 February, 2018 Weather Gods Fully Accessible This app is completely accessible, and the developer has a true commitment to accessibility. He is also active on AppleVis.
24 January, 2019 WayAround Tag and Scan Fully Accessible The Detail type picker was initially a little confusing since I expected a double-tap followed by a swipe up or down to select, when it appears one is taken to another screen to select followed by a Done button. Also, I wish there was a shortcut to trigger tag reading like pressing the up or down volume buttons since this wouldn't require having to make sure the read button was tapped on the touch screen. And, if there is a simple way to export a tag's data for external reference, I haven't found it yet (in v2.3); purposes might be to have access to information one has probably already insured is accurate for external reference or research on a device other than one's phone; we don't all take well to web-browsing on a phone.
17 June, 2019 Voice: OCR Document Reader Fully Accessible No additional comments.
2 April, 2019 Voice Dream Scanner Fully Accessible No additional comments.
13 June, 2017 Voice Dream Reader Fully Accessible This app requires an advanced knowledge of VoiceOver gestures and interaction methods, but is fully accessible.
23 October, 2018 Voice Dream Reader Fully Accessible No additional comments.
22 April, 2017 Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
9 August, 2019 Venture Zone Global Fully Accessible No additional comments.
11 January, 2019 Universal Paperclips™ Mostly Accessible The ongly thing inn-accessible with this game for me was the quantum-computing, which requires you to see when the chips are brighter or perfectly colored to generate ops. Everything else is fully labelled.
17 August, 2018 Ulysses Fully Accessible Excellent accessibility.
17 September, 2017 Ulysses Mostly Accessible Export styles have not been accessible for a long time: they promised a month ago (via an AppleVis user) that a fix is coming very soon, but also state that the fix was available as of Sierra, and High Sierra comes out in a few days. So, 1 year, no action. Although their feature list touts that you can control the app entirely without a mouse, mouse drag and drop is the only way to organize the library. Locking the mouse with vo+command+shift space sometimes works, sometimes not. The app seems fully accessible otherwise, but these are critical features and bespeak the fact that their attention to accessibility is passive rather than proactive at this stage.
24 September, 2017 Type Nine - T9 Keyboard Fully Accessible I concur with the original poster. Also, I can't seem to get any of the swipes to work at the moment.
12 October, 2017 Twitterrific 5 for Twitter Fully Accessible The new version of Twitterrific for Mac is awesome! It is now fully accessible using VoiceOver.