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15 May, 2019 Landlord Tycoon Partially Accessible Not all parts of the game can be played. Newly added features (like the „Buy Map“ part) simply don‘t work with VoiceOver. Also, in many areas, VoiceOver reads elements in a confusing order (it would in many instances first read multiple labels and then read multiple values, leaving it up to the user to figure out which value corresponds to which label. In list views, VoiceOver keeps changing the order in which elements are presented, sometimes skipping information altogether. So yes, there‘s definitely room for improvement here.
1 May, 2018 Sleep Watch by Bodymatter Partially Accessible I can't accept the term and condition, very fastrated.
20 August, 2019 Texas Hold’em Partially Accessible With my iPhone 8 with iOs 12 it is imposible to know the comunitary cards.
14 November, 2018 Spotify: Music and Podcasts Partially Accessible No additional comments.
19 December, 2018 Broadcastify Partially Accessible The rating that was posted on here is incorrect. The buttons for controlling the player are not labeled as of the latest update.
29 August, 2018 Duolingo Partially Accessible Mostly accessible with voiceover but my problem is is that when I needed to go to the next level it told me to select fruits or objects and that’s one part that’s not accessible and there are buttons that are not labeled for voiceover users. Also I had trouble replying to people’s messages and comments.
8 May, 2019 Dark Sky Weather Partially Accessible It's a long, long time since Dark Sky was close to being fully accessible; and unfortunately the developers have also long since given up on caring. Here are just some of the problems: There are buttons below the list of forecasts for upcoming hours which toggles what data is shown in those hourly forecasts. These buttons are invisible to VoiceOver, meaning that you are unable to access much of the weather data available in the app. If you double-tap on a day, hourly forecasts for that day are revealed on the screen. This is also completely invisible to VoiceOver, meaning that you can only access hourly forecasts for the current day (but, see above to be reminded of of how you are only getting limited access). Moving focus through the main window is horribly unreliable, particularly if you do double-tap on a day. On the notifications tab, a number of the available options are invisible to VoiceOver. And, let's close with something else invisible to VoiceOver, and that's two of the four tabs along the bottom of the app window. Yes, there are four, even though VoiceOver only finds two - weather and notifications. Okay, the tabs for weather maps and reporting the local weather aren't a big miss for me. But, making all tabs on a tab menu accessible must surely be quite low hanging fruit when it comes to VoiceOver support. If the developers don't even care about this ... well, it's a pretty good indication of where VoiceOver support fits on their roadmap. It doesn't! And, yes, they have been told about these problems. This app currently being rated on here as fully accessible is seriously off the mark.
25 May, 2018 Bose connect Partially Accessible VoiceOver users will need help getting past the initial screen of the app. I suggest using "explore by touch" rather than flicking around the screen because VoiceOver will skip past controls if you flick. There are some mislabelled buttons as well. It's a shame considering Bose says they care about accessibility.
9 December, 2019 Decision Fiction Partially Accessible Significant amount of unlabeled/badly labeled controls.
5 February, 2019 Calm Radio - Music to Relax Partially Accessible I have found this app far more difficult to navigate with its most recent updates. I am able to activate music channels and nature sounds independently of one another but am having difficulty activating and removing nature sounds once music is playing. In addition, just recently I attempted to log in to my account using Safari and was unable to do so. The onscreen keyboard did not appear.I do believe they have made some improvements, but more appear to be needed.
22 May, 2017 Pinterest Partially Accessible Both the app and the website progressively have become less accessible, and the Pinterest team has little interest in fixing it, especially if their responses to me are any indication of their interest. One person said, "We're a small team here and cannot respond to your inquiry." A few others have basicly thanked me and said they're working on it though nothing has been done. I urge everyone, even those who use the app and/or actual site sparingly, to comment. The poor response from Pinterest is incredibly disappointing; it is a site I very much need for my job, and it's just becoming unusable with the exception of a few functions. If anyone has tips to share, please do so. Thank you. Partially accessible is generous; if there was a category, "Mostly inaccessible", it would fit there; it is not totally but is mostly inaccessible at this time, May, 2017.
2 April, 2020 Migraine Buddy Partially Accessible I was not able to get past the signing up part because the next button would not activate upon a double tap.
16 November, 2019 Invisible Dragons Partially Accessible The Sacrificing process is completely inaccessible, and that is the only way to move up in the game.
12 December, 2018 BitLife Partially Accessible Many of the buttons are not properly labelled, but with a bit of work, you can easily figure it out.
22 July, 2017 Tiny Sheep : Pet Sim on a Farm Partially Accessible No additional comments.
4 November, 2017 Duolingo Partially Accessible accessibility varies with each update; many core functions rely on visual cues alone; developer not responsive to feedback; accessibility issues on both desktop and mobile sites
26 April, 2019 Sweatcoin - It Pays To Walk Partially Accessible No additional comments.
13 August, 2018 PayPal: Mobile Cash Partially Accessible Not all info is read on the balance screen, The screen where you select the payment method is very hard to use and there is a button (done?) at the bottom which is completely inaccessible with voiceover. Braille screen input also doesn't work when sending a message. I think there is also info missing from the transactions screen, as voiceover doesn't say anything about where the payment came from e.g. credit card or paypal balance. I got a very unhelpful message back from Paypal when I reported these problems: Dear Robert Murray, The PayPal app doesn’t have an option to allow any voice over or braille options. This is because we are not able to get it to be compatible with the different software out there for braille and voice over control.  You can use these options on the full website, but just not with the app itself. (...) Best wishes, Cara Please if you use Paypal let them know about the problems their blind customers are having with the app.
18 November, 2018 Yelp-Food & Services Around Me Partially Accessible Those controls for browsing different categories and local businesses are mostly accessible, although in some parts of the app standard controls are not being used. Some mothers, such as the box the check that you agree when trying to registering a new account, I was unable to use with voiceover. Also when trying to read a review of a local business, I couldn’t go back to the previous screen. Double tap the back button didn’t work, scrubbed didn’t work, turning off and on voiceover didn’t work;
23 July, 2017 Twitch: Live Game Streaming Partially Accessible See my comment.
24 September, 2017 GarageBand Partially Accessible No improvement with iOS 11. Very buggy. Closing the tracks menu or adding instruments from the tracks menu will cause garage band to crash. Very difficult to navigate. Direct touch doesn't work properly. Some screens are accessible but the change to the interface that was introduced in iOS 10 really messed up voice over. It is it worth using. Crashes frequently. Strumming is unpredictable. Mini controls are not labelled properly. Some controls don't behave with normal voice over gesturs.
17 January, 2019 Skyscanner Travel Deals Partially Accessible I find many important elements to be completely inaccessible. The flight search used to work pretty well a few versions ago. But as of the latest release, I am for example no longer able to change how many travelers I would like to search for (it keeps defaulting to one adult plus one child, which simply never applies to me). Neither do I find the search results to be that accessible anymore either.
30 December, 2018 BitLife Partially Accessible No additional comments.
12 September, 2017 Street Fighter IV CE Partially Accessible Very limited accessability. Needs major accessability upgrade. Very disappointed and a waste of $5.00 would not recommend for blind or vip players at this time.
1 August, 2017 Snapchat Partially Accessible It's much, much better than it used to be (I.E totally inaccessible) but it's still far from perfect.