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20 May, 2018 Blindfold Runner Fully Accessible No additional comments.
7 June, 2017 Audio Game Hub Fully Accessible No additional comments.
19 January, 2018 Ears Word Cookie Fully Accessible No additional comments.
19 August, 2017 Blindfold Simon Fully Accessible No additional comments.
18 December, 2017 Cyclepath Fully Accessible No additional comments.
18 April, 2019 Overcast Fully Accessible No additional comments.
13 November, 2019 Disney plus Fully Accessible Fully accessible as far as I can tell.
24 June, 2017 MUDAbility Fully Accessible This app is a breeze to figure out and use. Very very well done!
16 September, 2017 Speed-Up for ITunes Fully Accessible I saw this app mentioned on here a couple days ago, so I thought I'd try it out so earlier today I grabbed myself a copy. First off, this app is actually free with in-app purchases. Whether or not I'll get some or all of these remains to be seen, but thus far I like the app. The interface is nice and clean, and all controls are clearly labeled. I am currently listening to some music on the slowest speed, and definitely notice a difference. Great job by this developer!
7 August, 2019 Be My Eyes Fully Accessible No additional comments.
21 February, 2020 ‎Microsoft Office Fully Accessible In case you haven't tested this yet, it is even possible to convert image based PDF documents to Word and from testing the results were legible. And yes this can be done at no additional charge to the user. You do not even need an Office 365 subscription to use this.
19 October, 2018 Seeing AI Fully Accessible I just downloaded Seeing AI this morning, and have not yet used all of its features. But I did get a pretty good look at it, and really like it. All buttons are clearly labeled, and the help tutorials are excellent. I for one, kind of expected this app to cost at least a nominal fee given all that it can do. But Microsoft has given it to us for the low-low price of free, and I couldn't be happier about that.
16 August, 2019 Circus Master’s Revenge Fully Accessible This game has revolutionnice the games for the blind people.
13 December, 2018 Aira Fully Accessible No additional comments.
12 November, 2017 Reverb for Amazon Alexa Fully Accessible I finally managed to locate the proper version of this app for the Mac, and installed it earlier today. I should point out before going any further, that the phone representative at Amazon with whom I spoke was incorrect in saying that the app would only work with another external device present. I immediately saw Reverb in my Applications folder and opened it. I'm still figuring things out but it seems to work well on here.
14 October, 2018 Blindfold Doggy Fully Accessible No additional comments.
24 May, 2018 Boop Light Detector Fully Accessible It's 100% accessible. I really love this app.
1 July, 2018 Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind Fully Accessible No additional comments.
24 January, 2019 WayAround Tag and Scan Fully Accessible The Detail type picker was initially a little confusing since I expected a double-tap followed by a swipe up or down to select, when it appears one is taken to another screen to select followed by a Done button. Also, I wish there was a shortcut to trigger tag reading like pressing the up or down volume buttons since this wouldn't require having to make sure the read button was tapped on the touch screen. And, if there is a simple way to export a tag's data for external reference, I haven't found it yet (in v2.3); purposes might be to have access to information one has probably already insured is accurate for external reference or research on a device other than one's phone; we don't all take well to web-browsing on a phone.
19 May, 2018 Blindfold Air Hockey Fully Accessible This game, like the others that the developer has made, is completely accessible.
23 November, 2017 Timecrest: The Door Fully Accessible No additional comments.
29 March, 2018 Ears Slots Fully Accessible verry accessible:) i love it to:)
18 April, 2018 One Button Travel Fully Accessible No additional comments.
11 December, 2018 Envision AI Fully Accessible No additional comments.
20 December, 2017 Seeing AI Fully Accessible Great! When they introduced it to me I was really impressed. Well done!