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5 February, 2019 Calm Radio - Music to Relax Partially Accessible I have found this app far more difficult to navigate with its most recent updates. I am able to activate music channels and nature sounds independently of one another but am having difficulty activating and removing nature sounds once music is playing. In addition, just recently I attempted to log in to my account using Safari and was unable to do so. The onscreen keyboard did not appear.I do believe they have made some improvements, but more appear to be needed.
16 November, 2019 Invisible Dragons Partially Accessible The Sacrificing process is completely inaccessible, and that is the only way to move up in the game.
24 September, 2017 GarageBand Partially Accessible No improvement with iOS 11. Very buggy. Closing the tracks menu or adding instruments from the tracks menu will cause garage band to crash. Very difficult to navigate. Direct touch doesn't work properly. Some screens are accessible but the change to the interface that was introduced in iOS 10 really messed up voice over. It is it worth using. Crashes frequently. Strumming is unpredictable. Mini controls are not labelled properly. Some controls don't behave with normal voice over gesturs.
12 December, 2018 BitLife Partially Accessible Many of the buttons are not properly labelled, but with a bit of work, you can easily figure it out.
1 August, 2017 Snapchat Partially Accessible It's much, much better than it used to be (I.E totally inaccessible) but it's still far from perfect.
18 November, 2018 Yelp-Food & Services Around Me Partially Accessible Those controls for browsing different categories and local businesses are mostly accessible, although in some parts of the app standard controls are not being used. Some mothers, such as the box the check that you agree when trying to registering a new account, I was unable to use with voiceover. Also when trying to read a review of a local business, I couldn’t go back to the previous screen. Double tap the back button didn’t work, scrubbed didn’t work, turning off and on voiceover didn’t work;
17 June, 2017 Google Maps - Transit & Food Partially Accessible The most recent update does not allow the user to scroll through a list of directions. It typicall will list two routes, but the list of directions shows the step for the first route, then the step for the second, making it confusing. After a certain point of scrolling, it will not read the rest of the directions.
2 April, 2020 Migraine Buddy Partially Accessible I was not able to get past the signing up part because the next button would not activate upon a double tap.
17 January, 2019 Skyscanner Travel Deals Partially Accessible I find many important elements to be completely inaccessible. The flight search used to work pretty well a few versions ago. But as of the latest release, I am for example no longer able to change how many travelers I would like to search for (it keeps defaulting to one adult plus one child, which simply never applies to me). Neither do I find the search results to be that accessible anymore either.
30 December, 2018 BitLife Partially Accessible No additional comments.
19 May, 2018 AT&T TV Partially Accessible Looks like the latest version of the directv now app is partially accessible. Guide is partially accessible, Some of the channels red when flicking to it. When clicking on a network, none of the programs for the network read under the programs tab. The app has a 20 hr cloud dvr now. We can accessibly schedule recordings. Playing it back is a bit of a challenge. Can't seem to find the controls after pressing the play button. Voiceover says controls hidden or controls shown. The view changes to landscape.
1 May, 2018 Sleep Watch by Bodymatter Partially Accessible I can't accept the term and condition, very fastrated.
22 July, 2017 Tiny Sheep : Pet Sim on a Farm Partially Accessible No additional comments.
15 May, 2019 Smart Chef Smart Food Scale Partially Accessible The talking scale feature can be accessed and controlled using Siri shortcut commands. As for VoiceOver Accessibility, the app is difficult to navigate and many areas are not accessible at all.
26 April, 2019 Sweatcoin - It Pays To Walk Partially Accessible No additional comments.