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Thursday, March 15, 2012
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Named Top Ten Micro App by Lifehacker! "Clipboard History Provides a Simple, Unobtrusive Stream of Your Clipboard Activity" (Adam Dachis - Lifehacker)

Copying and pasting one item at a time is a thing of the past! With Clipboard History, you can copy any number of things and paste them back in the order that you want!

Clipboard History is a very simple and straightforward application that keeps your history of copied items, and provides a configurable hotkey so you can paste them inside of any app. These items can be images, text or a mix of them (rich text, like PDFs and HTML). It also provides a way to browse and search in your clipping history, preview items or even save them to your hard disk. Clipboard History persists your information so it resists reboots and system crashes! Clipboard History is an ideal companion while writing emails, browsing the web or hacking code.

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Accessibility Comments

So far, I haven't found anything. The interface is indeed straightforward. All the actions you'd want to perform on any item are located within a toolbar, and all the items available in the history are in a table. When using other applications, you can have the application icon in the menu bar, dock or both and the window also minimizes so that you can switch to the window easily without switching application.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

This is an amazing application. Remember that it can't read the clipboard unless the application runs at login, so you may need to customize the preferences as the General preferences for the program contain this setting. If the application's window does not show up when starting your Mac, go into System Preferences>Users and Groups, then select the "Login items" tab of your user account. Uncheck the checkbox for the application in the table. If a checkbox is checked in this list, the application window is hidden. If you'd prefer to keep the application hidden upon launch, you can go into your Applications folder and Open the application in order to display the window as described above in the Accessibility comments. However, this is not necessary, as the application still continues to run except its window state is hidden. Of course, you will need to access the application window to tweak settings until VoiceOver gains accessibility to third party status icons. You also have two keyboard shortcuts very customizable. The first one is Command-Option-V by default. This obviously overrides the OS X 10.7 feature "Move," which is also this shortcut so that you cannot move files using this command anymore. You can, however, change it to something like Control-V. This brings up a very convenient menu of recently added items in the history of copied clipboard information. If you remember their order, you can also use Command-1 through Command-0. If you check checkboxes in the table of all the items in the history, they are marked as favorites. If you plan to copy particular snippets of information often, it may be worth increasing the length of time the application stores your history. The second shortcut brings up favorite history items. The default shortcut for this is Command-Option-C. You can change these two commands by going to General preferences in the application, then clicking with the mouse on the Unknown field after the appropriate label. Hit the command you wish to attach to the shortcut, then simply hit Command-W but remember to move the mouse away from the field prior to doing so. If you have the Mouse cursor following the VoiceOver cursor, you can simply move VoiceOver leftwards. You can also hit Space to Quick Look a history item. This is the exact same feature that you can use to preview any item from the Finder which is natively supported.


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