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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Description of App

"Singer Song Reader is a lyrics-search/save application for iTunes radio and music. Just play on iTunes, and you get lyrics automatically. Batch processing is also available." You can also search for Lyrics manually effortlessly through 13 lyrics dedicated websites. The app can automatically save your lyrics into your iTunes library or as text files in a predefined folder.



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Accessibility Comments

The app features tons of keyboard shortcuts to use and all the controls are correctly labeled. Just input the title/artist into the corresponding fields and hit Return or CMD+R to perform your lyrics query.. A few seconds later, the focus will jump straight into the lyrics's field and you'll be able to read them with your arrow keys or Braille display. Since it's a standard fields You'll obviously be able to copy and paste the lyrics wherever you want.

You can also use the automatic lyrics search with iTunes. Just play a song through iTunes while leaving Singer Song reader open and if lyrics were found, the app's Lyrics field will be automagically populated with the found text and you can sing along, particularly if you have a braille display. :)

you can also save the found lyrics in a text file using CMD+Shift+S or configure the app to automatically save your lyrics in a special folder defined in the app's preferences.

Here are several setup suggestions in order to improve the interface's accessibility:

  • In the "view" menu, go to "specific columns" and check "1". This way, you'll avoid displaying the lyrics text divided into columns, which may be great for sighted users but no so VO-friendly.
  • In the appearance" menu, make sure "full" menu item is checked to be able to access all interface elements.
  • In the "control" menu, ensure that "Use Left/Right Arrow Keys" is unchecked. You'll then be able to use Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to cycle through the websites your lyrics have been found on.
  • Finally, label your fields correctly. If you want to use the tab key to cycle through them, the first one is "Title" and the seconde one is "artist". You should fill them carefully and check your spelling before performing your search, as it is important to get best results.

Enjoy :)



The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

Before having taken the time to test the app thoroughly, I've contacted the developer to suggest some interface improvements but honestly, when you take full advantage of the keyboard hotkeys, it's completely usable and there's no need to move around the interface anymore. Having said that, the developer is really responsive and willing to help to improve the app's accessibility if necessary, at least to correctly label the controls. He's awesome and the app too! :) EDIT: From version 3.2, the app's accessibility has been drastically improved by the developer: no more unlabeled controls and useless "images" stuff. thanks a whole bunch to him! :)


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Submitted by Sof on Saturday, April 26, 2014


Last week, this great app has been updated, correcting a VO-related bug and introducing some features that could be of help for VO Users:

What's new in Version 3.3:

  • A new option in the Preferences setting: "Hide no matching sites".
  • Fixed a VoiceOver cursor issue when switching site tabs.
  • Improved accessibility with the hotkey "Ctrl+Tab": VoiceOver reads out the site tab number.
  • Eliminated the beep sound when pressing Enter key to show loose matches.
  • Parser bug fixes for LyricsMania and Sing365.

Enjoy :)

Submitted by Sof on Friday, May 23, 2014

What's new in version 3.4

Anime/Japanese lyrics support

  • Added sites: and
  • Japanese Romaji/Kanji detection
  • Fixed some Japanese character code issue

Improved accessibility and usability

  • Reviewed all the UI labels for VoiceOver
  • Tab key switch between the three fields: Title, Artist and Lyrics
  • New option to hide lyric footer URL
  • For Manual search: Local files are used as Cache
  • Local files window (hotkey: "Command + O")
  • Parser updates for MetroLyrics, Sing365, and SongMeanings

Again, a great job done by this wonderful guy.