Description of App: 

Relax with over 80 minutes of high quality melody based relaxation programs and nature sounds. Relax suggests different relaxation strategies and programs depending on the time of the day. The melodies have been proven to work for adults, kids, managers, parents, people from different cultures and backgrounds and pretty much everybody. Everyday we receive success stories telling us how great our relaxation programs and melodies helped people from around the world to calm down or fall asleep. Take a break during long work days and get new energy within minutes. Use Relax in the office, at home or wherever you take your Mac. 6 relaxation themes (Morning, Break, Re-Energize, After Work, Sleep, Weekend) and relaxing nature sounds included. Relaxing while sitting in front of a computer has never been easier and more efficient. Just close your eyes and relax for a couple of minutes and you will feel recharged. Runs in the background as well if you want to listen to the melodies while working with your Mac. All melodies have been created by a professional artist who has more that two centuries of experience in composing relaxation melodies that really work.



Free or Paid: 


Version Of macOS App Was Tested On: 


Accessibility Comments: 

Works well with VoiceOver.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

Other Comments: 

The menu buttons to make selections are labeled - (dash), but once you work out which buttons go with which option, the application works well.