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Meet your new digital cooking assistant. SousChef lets you organize your recipes, find new recipes, and cook — all from within one application. You can digitize your own family traditions, or search our cloud database of over 200,000 recipes. Most cooking software stops at letting you organize your recipes. With SousChef, you can do it all from one easy-to-use app. Tap the Cloud - With SousChef, you get access to a cloud database made up of over 200,000 of our users' recipes. Every time a user enters a recipe, it is submitted to the database and is available for you to find and cook. Of course, if you have a secret family recipe you don’t want to share, SousChef lets you opt-out of sharing recipes. What’s in your Fridge? - SousChef lets you find recipes based on what you have in your refrigerator. You can search for recipes based on ingredients; SousChef will rank the results according to how many of each recipe’s ingredients you have. No more searching through hundreds of recipes to find one that you can make without a special trip to the store. Cook with your Computer - SousChef includes a ten foot mode that lets you read your recipes from anywhere in the kitchen while keeping your computer in a safe location. The high contrast fullscreen mode gives you only the info you need to know. SousChef can read your recipes to you, or you can control SousChef via speech or a remote. If you have SousChef for iPad or iPhone, you can send your recipes to those devices and use them to cook. — Substitute with Ease Ever find a recipe that calls for Bok Choy and you happen to be all out this week? SousChef lets you substitute ingredients on the fly based on our list of substitutions. By the way, you can substitute Swiss Chard for that Bok Choy. Blog it. Email it. Share it. Want to blog about that recipe you cooked last night? SousChef integrates with blogging software to let you blog your favorite recipes in style. Need to email that secret family candy recipe to your brother? Not a problem — one click and it's ready to send. Import - Ever find a recipe on the web you’d like to save? Our import tool makes it easy. Copy a recipe into SousChef, and SousChef will identify the ingredients and directions. Customize the recipe if SousChef has misidentified anything, and you're ready to go. Most recipes can be imported in just a few clicks.



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I've been pretty thorough going through this application when cooking, and I haven't found anything inaccessible so far. The interface is simple and all selectable categories are laid out within tables, and the upcoming results are similarly displayed in tables. The few unlabeled buttons in the application have help tags visible to VoiceOver, so if the button is not labeled there is a help tag telling you what the button does. You can always go the extra mile and label it with VO-/.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.