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Monday, January 3, 2022

Description of App

Browse through thousands of Discord Bots to spice up your server. - An explore page that is updated daily with dozens of categories and bots. - Detailed information about each Discord Bot. Includes description, server count, vote count, invite link, support link, website link, and tags. - A top charts page with the top 100 most voted bot and top 100 largest bots. - A search page that allows you to search in a library of over 46,000 bots. - An account page where you can manage your bots, view your favorites, add your bot to the app, and customize the look and feel of the app. Discord Bots App uses multiple bot lists to fetch bots, these lists can be found here: https://discordbots.app/lists



Free or Paid

Free With In-App Purchase

Apple Watch Support


iOS Version


Device(s) App Was Tested On


Accessibility Comments

I was actually quite surprised by how accessible this app is. Although a few buttons are not labeled, VoiceOver's image text feature was able to figure out what they were.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

Other Comments

This app is definitely a good find, especially for those who hate opening up a browser just to search for bots. I definitely recommend this.


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