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Description of App: 

The ColorDetect iPhone app gives you the possibility to detect colors in real time using augmented reality technology.The name and the RGB values of the detected colors are displayed in real time on the user interface. ColorDetect detects the colors with a 5 point detection algorithm to improve the detection quality and to compensate the color noise when the light is not optimal. If you have an iPhone 4, ColorDetect lets you enable the built in LED light to detect colors also when it's dark.With ColorDetect detected colors can also be shared very simple by sending the color with all relevant information (RGB, HEX Value, color name and an color example) per Mail.FEATURES

  • Easy to use! Simply start the ColorDetct app and the app starts detecting colors in real time.
  • ColorDetect comes with a preinstalled set of 151 colors and their names.
  • Colors are detected by using 5 measuring points to increase the detection quality.
  • Possibility to add, edit or remove colors from that preinstalled set of colors. So it will fit your special needs.
  • Simply add new colors by tapping on the screen and ColorDetect gives you the possibility to add the current color.
  • Edit existing colors so that the name of the colors fits your needs.
  • Overview of all defined colors in a table view to simplify to management of the defined colors.
  • Simple use of the built-in LED of the iPhone 4 by tapping on the torchlight button to turn on or off the iPhone 4 LED.
  • Share predefined or detected colors per Mail.


  • Helps color blind or color impaired people to distinguish colors
  • Helps you to detect colors while shopping
  • Color coordinate your outfits and clothing
  • Designers can store or share colors which are interesting for a project

Apple Watch Support: 

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Accessibility Comments: 

There are two buttons that are not labeled well but for the most part it is accessible.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

Other Comments: 

Just another Color Identification app out there that try to help you correctly indentify the color you are seeking for.

In the Capture tab screen there is a button labeled as Off. This is the Torch button that will force your iPhone device to turn on the torch or simply known as your LED flash on certain devices. So basically you can either turn the torch on or off.

The second button which is not labeled is really a way to Add a color to your database.

This app is really a mini version of the ColorVisor app.

This app has the detailed color along with the RGB value for the color.

The database is not as robust as the ColorVisor but it is a cheaper and more more compromise version of the ColorVisor itself. It offers a database of colors that you can list through. At anytime you can actually change the name of the color which is a nice feature. It also allow you to add a new color so that you can add to your already good set of colors.

I have sent my suggestions of how to make this a better app. Hopefully, they will respond and we will see some new features. If that happens I will certainly update that here.

At this point I've tried out 9 different Color Identification apps and I ranked this as #3 on my list. ColoredEyes and ColorVisor are above this.

Overall, it is a nice app but at this time I would recommend the ColoredEyes for others.