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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Description of App

Redditor is the perfect iphone/ipad client for viewing It's simple to use yet has very powerful features:

1. Slideshow.
2. Playing videos.
3. Animated GIFs.
4. Full support of multi-reddits.
5. Search and add your favorite sub-reddits.
6. Bookmark interesting posts for later viewing.
7. Save/Copy/Email your favorite photo.
8. Upvote/Downvote, write comments!
9. Submitting new reddit.
10. Login to home page will bring your favorite to listings.
11. Private messages.
12. Look at user profiles, make/unmake friends.
13. OP mode in comments page.
14. Night mode.
15. Many more customizations.
Redditor - the perfect client for reddit Support
What's New in Version 8.0.5
- Accessibility improvements, voting and commenting are accessible to the visually impaired now in the comments screen.
- Will not ask for captcha when submitting posts and messages if reddit does not ask for it(when you have high karma). This benefits all people.



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Accessibility Comments

I would say that this client is very accessible compare to all Reddit I tried. Even The Official Reddit client, Alien Blue, is nowhere near to this one. There are some minor accessibility issue with it, but they are not bad enough for the app to be unuseable.
Prior to 8.0.5, There was no way you can up or down vote, and comment to the post. However, It only took one E-mail to the developer, and he responded quickly, saying that he would make more Voice Over improvement to the app.
As a result, now, we can comment and vote!

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver, but the interface could be easier to navigate and use.


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Submitted by blindgator on Monday, December 8, 2014

That's great the the app no longer requires a capture to post but I am trying to create a new account and on the create an account screen it requires a capture with no way around it so the app is totally useless unless you already have an account. Will explore some more but not sure what the point of the app might be if you do not have an account

Submitted by Musicruz on Monday, December 8, 2014

I already had an account when I use this client, so I wasn't aware that there was a way that you could create an account using this.
Creating an account is not really that hard. You can use Safari to create one if the client is asking for a verification code.
You could go to this link Not only you can register without answering a CAPTCHA, you even have an option to not register your email.
CAPTCHA is a requirement by Reddit it if you don't have a good reputation. However, it only requires you to answer a CAPTCHA If you are going to submit a pose.

Submitted by Devin Prater on Monday, December 29, 2014

Club AppleVis Member

I've tried and tried to figure this app out. There are unlabeled buttons everywhere, and I can't access the subreddits. How can you say this app is accessible?

Submitted by Jessica Brown on Monday, January 5, 2015

I can't find the sign in. It's not in the menu or the settings and pressing the unlabeled buttons also does not let me sign in. I also would like to post, but the web version has a captcha and the app I can not sign into. Help please.

Submitted by Marconius on Thursday, April 30, 2015

I found this application while searching for a client that didn't constantly crash in iOS 8 .3. Initially, I found the functionality to be rather clunky with unlabeled buttons and a weird interface set up, but I emailed the developer through the application report a problem link, and he was extremely prompt in his reply. I informed him exactly which buttons were unlabeled and unusable, and in the very next update everything was labeled appropriately and it made this app all that much more accessible. I cannot speak to creating an account, as that is primarily dealt with over on Reddit's Side, but if you already have an account, logging in through the settings is quick and easy. I did have a little problem with merging my favorites with the standard Subreddit List, but with the labeled buttons in the menu it is now easier to edit. I will ask him for more assistance regarding loading older posts in the main content area, as it seems to only load 25-30 stories at any given time., but over all for reading comments and stories, posting and for up voting and down voting, this is the best but so far when using voice over.