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Description of App

Aviary is a beautiful Twitter client built with macOS design guidelines in mind. It's simple enough to pick up and use immediately, and powerful enough to tweak it just the way you want. The delightful interface is coupled with extensive features that feel the part on your device, whilst elevating your Twitter experience.


Browse Twitter without the distractions of promoted tweets or ads. Use filters to hide tweets containing keywords, users, media, quotes, retweets, tweets above or below certain thresholds, regular expressions, and more. Tweak app icons, tints, gestures, tweet appearances, and much more with the extensive list of settings options.

Quickly view lists, set custom tabs, change accounts, respond to tweets, share content, and more using gestures and context menus. Siri Shortcuts, Share Extensions, iMessage Stickers, and Widgets means that the fun doesn't stop when you leave the app.


  • Browse Twitter in chronological order without the distractions of promoted tweets or ads
  • Beautiful macOS-centric UI
  • Universal app (one-time purchase to get it on iPhone, iPad, Watch, and Mac)
  • Widgets to display timeline feeds and latest tweets
  • Multiple columns that can be tweaked to display the content that suit your browsing preferences
  • Compose tweets with media, GIFs, ASCII character faces, drawings, and more
  • Powerful tweet filters (words, hashtags, users, media, quoted content, retweets, tweets above or below certain thresholds, regular expressions, sentiment, and more)


  • Context menus across the app to quickly perform actions
  • Hashflags support
  • View polls
  • View pinned tweets
  • List creation and browsing support
  • Trends and search support
  • Extensive profile actions, including adding private notes to remember details about the respective user
  • In-app Instagram media and YouTube playback
  • Text and image text translations
  • Autoplaying timeline videos
  • Fetch-based push notifications for mentions and replies
  • Drag and Drop tweet and media support
  • Extensive keyboard shortcuts
  • Custom app themes to tweak the app to your liking
  • Dark mode and high-contrast backgrounds
  • Accessibility labels, dynamic font sizing, and VoiceOver support
  • iCloud sync



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Accessibility Comments

Unfortunately, this app currently does not live up to the claimed “VoiceOver support” mentioned in its description.

As far as I can determine, it is impossible to access links, hashtags, or usernames included in tweets.

On occasions the website has opened when double tapping on a tweet containing a link, but this is extremely rare and there seems to be no pattern to this behaviour or means of reproducing it. The links option is not available from the VoiceOver rotor when on a tweet containing a link. So, as I said, things appear to not be good or accessible here.

The developer has sought to support VoiceOver rotor actions, but the titles of menu items when trying to use this on a tweet are baffling. These are the options for a tweet:

  • bubble
  • arrow.2.squarepath
  • arrowshape.turn.up.backward
  • love
  • drag item
  • activate

When swiping through a timeline, VoiceOver has a separate UI element for any image or video attachments to a tweet. If you double tap on this, the resulting screen has nothing for VoiceOver to find. You cannot swipe or locate by touch any UI elements; the longpress does nothing; and you cannot close back out of this screen by using the scrub gesture. The only option I've found is to close the app via the App Switcher.

The VoiceOver labels for some UI elements also contain meaningless and superfluous text. For example, the label for the UI element next to the reply count for a tweet is “arrowshape.turn.up.backward.fill   Replies”.

Several UI elements are wrongly reported by VoiceOver as being buttons. Some of these have no VoiceOver label, so are presumably some form of ‘phantom’ UI element which may or may not be something visible.

If you performa a longpress on the Search button a context menu is revealed that contains two option - Search and Settings. Double tapping on either of these simply returns you to the timeline view.

It's quite possible that there are other issues, as the above was enough to deter me from fully exploring each and every screen of the app.

It's a great shame that there are so many issues, as clearly the developer knows what VoiceOver is and has sought to support it. It also feels like it wouldn't take much to correct the issues mentioned above, which could make this a viable alternative to Twitterrific and the native Twitter app.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads most page elements.

Button Labeling

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some accessibility issues with this app, but it can still be used if you are willing to tolerate these issues and learn how to work around them.

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Submitted by Cobbler on Wednesday, April 14, 2021

According to the release notes, version 1.0.144 includes:

  • Improved various accessibility labels and elements

Unfortunately, this does not appear to address any of the VoiceOver issues that I mention above.

Here's hoping that this was just the first step in improving VoiceOver support.

Submitted by Cobbler on Friday, July 2, 2021

Despite the developer typically releasing 2 or 3 updates weekly and still quoting “VoiceOver support” in the App Store description, none of the issues mentioned above have been addressed.

Extremely disappointing.

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