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A cooking app with absolutely no recipes. Instead, KnowledgeBook: Cooking contains all the little bits of information and rules of thumb that you need to really use and understand your recipes -- what can be substituted for buttermilk or baking soda in a pinch, how many bananas it takes to make 1 cup of slices, how many cups are in a pint, what temperature an oven should be set to if the recipe calls for a "moderately hot" oven, etc.

KnowledgeBook: Cooking compiles all this information in one place, and adds much more: what can be substituted for buttermilk if you don't have vinegar? How many US cups are in an Imperial pint? (or an Australian pint?) What does it mean to papillote something? How should a slow cooker recipe be adjusted at high altitude? What temperature in Fahrenheit does Gas Mark 6 on a British stove correspond to?

With sections for Yields and Equivalents (including canning yields), Substitutions, general cooking terms, Measurement conversions, and High-Altitude considerations, KnowledgeBook: Cooking aims to be a one-stop reference for all the "extra" information needed to help you understand your recipes and get to Cooking!



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Accessibility Comments

This app is very easy to use, and most options, such as "Yields", "Substitutions", "Terms", or information on "High Altitude" cooking are simple list selections. To perform unit conversions, from the opening screen select the option "Measurement" for the kind of information you want., then choose the type of measurement, such as "Liquid", "Weights", or "Temperature", etc. Double tap on the type of unit you have, for example "quarts". A keypad will come up to enter the amount, press "Done" at the lower right. On the iPad, I usually flick through the numbers, decimal point, and character delete (i.e., "back") button to the "Done" button, and double tap the keys I want to enter. Quantities for the equivalent amount using all other system standards will be filled in. So find the amount in liters, gallons, fifths, etc. by reading the quantity beside the appropriate standard unit. There is a table index at the right for quick navigation between different categories. For example, for conversions between US and Imperial measurements, you can touch the table index at the right side of the screen and flick up or down to move to the category heading you want, then read off the quantities and units in imperial quarts. A very wide range of categories are supported, including ancient units such as firkins and hogsheads.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

This is one of a series of free KnowledgeBook reference apps by Portable Culture. The name in the App Store is simply "Cooking".


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