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List Recorder combines making lists with an easy to use, yet powerful audio recorder. The result is a handy app that lets you quickly jot down and organize information as audio, text or both.List Recorder has powerful recording features such as your choice of recording formats, optional stereo, a level meter, the ability to continue recording after pausing or system interruption, three ways to transfer your audio files and more. Its recording function is so easy, you can do it blindfolded!A great audio recorder is only part of the List Recorder package. It is also a great organizer, so you won't lose track of your audio after it’s recorded. Manage all kinds of information by making lists of items that can include both audio and text. Give your items do dates. Make lists within lists.List Recorder is fun and efficient to use with its custom motions and gestures. Pause and continue by tilting your device. Navigate through your lists with taps and tilts. Check items with swipes. You’ll feel like you have a magic wand that talks to you as List Recorder responds to your tilts and touches.It’s quick and easy to record a note. A single tap and you’re recording. Give it a title and text or just tilt left and go back to the list view. Organize in whatever way you want by sorting and moving items between lists.List Recorder is available in two editions. Purchase the Lite edition from the iTunes store. Upgrade to the Full edition from within the app. The Full edition extends the 10 second per item record limit to the capacity of your device and adds export options. See for more information.Here's what our users are saying..."I must say I am really impressed with List Recorder. This app is definitely cool and very easy to use and also quite powerful…I think this will definitely become my favorite and primary app to record both voice and text notes.""I use this app often for shopping lists, writing ideas, or anything else which I need access to quickly. Writing things down on the iPhone isn't always an option, never mind the convenience factor, so for that, this App is amazing.""I am a visually impaired user using VoiceOver and absolutely LOVE this app. It was the best investment (including the in app purchase) that I have made and it works wonderfully to help me keep organized.""I keep my grocery list and many other lists on my phone using List Recorder...It is the app I use most often at this point as I am often adding and deleting to my various lists."List recorder is simply the best audio recorder / list organizer on the iPhone.Features:

  • Easy to use but powerful audio recorder with slider control and level meter
  • WAV and CAF formats with 4 quality choices and optional stereo recording
  • One button record, tilt to toggle pause
  • List view summarizes item’s information in an easy to read format
  • Audio preview plays an item’s audio from list view
  • Organize items with lists within lists, easily move items between lists
  • Email an item with title, text and audio as attachment
  • Transfer audio files with File sharing or Open in...
  • Assign Do dates to items
  • Swipe right to check an item
  • Tilt motions provide shortcuts to clean and retreat, toggle edit mode, action menu and toolbar buttons
  • Back flip motion to wipe out items or undo actions
  • Sort items by Date, Title, Checked, Audio length, Text length or Manual sequence
  • Create new lists from checked items, copy items from the clipboard
  • Perform functions on checked items including sort, delete, copy and make list
  • Extensive help including introduction items, tutorials and reference

List Recorder also includes advanced accessibility features:

  • Optimized audio descriptions
  • Custom push gesture to read an item’s details
  • VoiceOver cursor position maintained
  • Item’s text can be read sentence by sentence
  • Interfaces well with Braille displays

What's New in Version 2.3.1

  • Lock without interrupting recording.
  • m4a recording format.
  • Expanded import/export capabilities.
  • Spanish and Italian localizations.
  • Default list sort setting.
  • Setting to use VoiceOver as the tilt voice.

Apple Watch Support: 

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Accessibility Comments: 

List Recorder was designed for accessibility in the following 6 areas:

  1. Easy navigation - Information is presented in two easily navigated views, using standard interface elements so you can leverage your familiarity with how iPhone apps work. The VoiceOver cursor position is maintained so you don't lose your place as you navigate through your lists. If you get lost, you can easily get back to a known view with the left tilt motion. Simply rotate the device counter-clockwise until you hear auditory feedback. You can quickly dismiss a dialog, stop audio or editing. Continue to tilt left to navigate back to the home list. Additional tilt motions let you invoke edit mode or the toolbar without having to hunt for them.
  2. Rich audio feedback - All page elements are announced by VoiceOver with information in a speech-friendly format. List items read in an optimized short format by default. Additional details can be read including the amount of audio and text the item contains and the date it was created. VoiceOver reads an item's title if one exists or the audio is previewed if the item does not have a title. Audio preview length can be adjusted in settings. Extensive use of dialogs prior to destructive actions such as deletions, reordering or audio replacement protects against unintended loss of information.
  3. Easy to use but powerful audio capabilities - Two-button control of all record and playback functions. Accessible slider to control playback position as well as readout of current position. Guitar strums to indicate record begin, pause or end.
  4. Custom motions and gestures - Invoke common functions without having to hunt for them on the screen.
    • Push right to check an item.
    • Push left to read an item's details.
    • Tilt left to go back to a known view.
    • Tilt right to toggle edit mode.
    • Tilt forward for audio toolbar.
    • Back flip for wipe out dialog, which includes delete and undo.

    Individually turn off any of the tilt motions as well as landscape mode in settings.

  5. Text and Keyboard enhancements - Works well with Braille keyboard/displays and external keyboards. Text field is parsed and displayed as HTML, so VoiceOver reads it sentence by sentence. The keyboard comes up only in edit mode to prevent misinterpreted swipes from bringing up the keyboard when you don't want it. White on black mode provides better contrast than reverse video.
  6. Extensive built-in documentation - Introduction items provide a practice list that walks you through the basics of List Recorder. Short tutorials cover commonly used features. Tutorials are also online at . A reference manual is included. The manual is also online at . Additional help and user forums are on the website.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.