Dapp Lite: The App Creator - for iPhone and iPad


Description of App: 

Get your own iPhone app out the door tomorrow, and not next year! Dapp Lite is a free version of Dapp that lets you start creating your own projects immediately and playing them live on your iPhone. The full version includes complete Xcode Project + Storyboard exporting to help you get your apps on App Store sooner. WHAT THE MEDIA ARE SAYING "Dapp iPhone prototyping app generates native code" -- 148apps.biz "Dapp offers quick iPhone app mockups" -- iOS Development Goodies "Design your next app with Dapp..." -- MacStories.net "Slap your app together in a Snap!" -- Touchmyapps.com ".. an app that can greatly help you achieve your goals.”--Toppapps.eu BENEFITS - Get more apps out the door faster and start putting more money in your pocket - Save hundreds to thousands of dollars on your iPhone app development quotes from Developers. - Get a boost up, and save yourself months of frustratingly slow learning - Get live versions of your app running straight away, right on your iPhone. - Get your app ideas out of your head and onto your iPhone, no matter where you are. - Comprehensive easy to follow video tutorials that take you through every step of the process. - A friendly community that lets you ask questions, get involved and request new features. TRUE WYSIWYG MOCKUPS - COMPLETE CONTROL OVER YOUR APP Don&;t settle for options to change titles, tab bars and images when using a service to create your own app. Dapp gives you complete control over a large range of iOS SDK objects. LEARN HOW TO CODE YOUR OWN IPHONE APPS Use our online tutorials at and the exported Xcode project, storyboards and code to help you learn better and faster! DAPP IS EASY TO USE AND LETS YOU GET STARTED IMMEDIATELY ON YOUR LATEST AND GREATEST IPHONE APP - Logical and ordered layout that is easy to use - Movement Handles for moving small tricky objects. - Clone Objects, Designs and individual pages and save time. - Snap to Guidelines for precision. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE If you don&;t feel like Dapp has saved you hours of time and over a hundred dollars in value then contact us on the website for the steps to get a refund - :-).

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Not Known



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Accessibility Comments: 

When you first launch the app, there are two unlabeled buttons. The first is &;Projects&; and the second is &;Settings&;. After this, I can&;t find anything that is not accessible with this app. I&;ve been able to create a basic app using it with buttons along the bottom with assigned pages to each button. As a test, I just made each button go to a different part of my website. The live view creates a very simple and accessible app.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments: 

I&;m sure those of you more savvy than I can create something very nice with this app. Still, I was very happy when I created something with it. As basic as it is. The developer seems to respond to user input very quickly too. I would like to see the ability to load RSS feeds within the app. I&;ve read where that is on the developers list of things to add though. To get the rights to your creations, you only have to upgrade to the full version to get the code to submit to Apple. I think it&;s only $10 Of course, then you must pay Apple to become a developer.

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