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Description of App

Turn your voice into a brand-new song!
Unleash the musical creativity inherent in you in an easiest way than ever.
Simply sing your own thing and find more than expected.

Check out video:
It demonstrates how to record, play and use options

Start recording by tapping “Tap To Record” and sing into the microphone with your own melody and lyrics. No matter it’s out of tune, sing as freely as you can.

On playing your recording you’ll hear your voice flowing in harmony with the background track.

SongMaker is empowered by the most advanced pitch/voice correction feature.

The voice recorded will be corrected according to the chord progression as well as the key of the given background track, which means whatever you sing will go in harmony with the backing track.

After recording, three modes are available for how the recorded voice will be generated on playback. These are also switchable in real-time.

  • “Solo” : Generates pitch-corrected voice
  • “Chorus” : Generates pitch-corrected voice with chorus.
  • “Original” : No pitch correction will be made

Additionally, you can increase the overall pitch of the vocal track simply by moving the controller button. The application will try its best to keep the voice in harmony with the backing track at any level of increase.

Yet another advanced feature to make your song unique from bottom to top.
You can easily combine and rearrange your background track with a variety of pre-recorded loops.

In each Pack, you have lots of loops of 8 different instruments you can put into the background music.

Packs, the sets of building blocks of background track, in a variety of genres are available (free or paid) for downloads, which are also ever-growing.

Choose your favorite genre you want to sing and create a song with.

Upload and your creation on Twitter, Facebook, email or etc.
Or, you may attach mp3 or mp4 directly to email.

  • Headphones are highly recommended.

Especially while recording, put the phone on your ear like on a phone-call, if you are using iPhone and don’t have headphones.

  • Record in a quiet place. Otherwise, it might result in poor quality of overall recording.
  • To make the best of the pitch/voice correction functionality, sing in clear and confident voice. Do not mumble, sing like a super-star!(Forget about what you really sound like..)
  • Keep enough distance between the phone and your mouth lest your recording gets noisy. See the input level indicator at the bottom-right-hand corner of the recording screen, that goes red when the input is too loud.
  • For iPod Touch users, external mic is required.

Known Issues & A Quick Peek At Ongoing Development

  • Please, make sure to connect with Wifi when uploading songs or it will fail. We'll handle this properly in the upcoming version.
  • You'll be able to create longer than current 8-blocks limitation, in the near future.
  • More free/paid Packs are coming.

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Accessibility Comments

AppleVis Editor Note: this app was submitted before Usability Ratings were introduced, so one has been chosen on the basis of the accessibility comments made by the original poster. If you have used this app, please post a comment to let us know if you agree with the Rating.

Original Comments: It is mostly accessible but some buttons have weird labels, and i haven't figured out how to edit the loops inside a track yet but I'm sure it can be done.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some accessibility issues with this app, but it can still be used if you are willing to tolerate these issues and learn how to work around them.


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