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Wednesday, October 4, 2017
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*USING HEADPHONES JUST GOT SAFER AND MORE CONVENIENT* Listen to music AND the outside world - Walking, running, jogging, cycling, or even lounging, Awareness!® helps you hear what's happening around you - Want to talk without removing your headphones? just tap the mic icon on the Awareness!® screen.

NO IN-APP purchases - Every feature is INCLUDED in the price.

NEWS July 2013 - All users will get a FREE UPGRADE to V3.0 later this year.



- The best Street Safety app, stay aware whatever you are listening to
- An aid for the blind and partially sighted – retain awareness using headphones
- A powerful hearing aid – louder than all hearing aid apps we’ve tried
- A Spy device for covert listening – can pick up conversations in rooms next door

Enjoy your music – but still hear danger
Awareness!® will interrupt your music for sudden loud noises like cars, screams or announcements. A must-have for joggers, cyclists and travellers. Perfect for exercising, jogging, awaiting a boarding call at the airport, or even listening to a podcast while watching kids in the playground.

You control how much outside sound is heard and when. No need to remove or re-adjust your earphones, even with noise cancelling or noise isolating headsets.

- Awareness!® could save your life, stop you missing a flight, or just let you listen & talk 

- Joggers & cyclists - hear that truck before it flattens you
- Travelers - watch a movie without missing your announcements
- Workers - listen to music but hear the phone ringing
- Multitaskers – talk to friends AND listen to music at the same time!

AWARENESS!® V2.9.1 is heavily refined, has full iPhone5 graphics, a new help system and includes all the features that were previously paid options.

- MUST HAVE a headset with an inline mic for best results
- iPADS can use internal mic for static use
- DOES NOT WORK with Bluetooth/Wireless
- WILL NOT WORK on iPhone 3G


5 Star "One of the most useful apps we’ve seen” - WHAT MOBILE


"One of The Best Sound Aware Apps" SUNDAY TIMES

"The app automatically set a level to allow us to hear the loud noises around us, including when someone asked us to borrow a chair from our table. At home it blissfully kept neighborhood sounds from interrupting our music listening but piped through dog barks warning us of a visitor." APPSHOPPER

"Without doubt the most important app around" User Review.

- iOS4.3 or above inc iOS6.1+
- iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS
- iPod Touch 5/4 (3 with headset)
- all iPads

Awareness!® listens to the outside world using the inline mic in your headset. If a sound passes a threshold you set, Awareness! feeds the sound into your headphones

- Auto or Manual Level Setting
.. choose the level at which sounds interrupt your music
.. or let the app monitor background levels at an interval of your choice.
- AutoPause - Pauses music when the mic is triggered (works on iOS Music Player only)
- ClearVoice - Makes speech picked up by the microphone clearer and easier to hear
- dB Noise Meter - A dB Meter which measures environmental noise
- Microphone - Manual override to listen to what’s going on around you
- Vibrate Alarm - Vibrates when mic is triggered - warns of dangerous local noise levels.
(Note: Works with all audio apps except Music Player)

• EAR CARE: If you need to turn the microphone volume up high, you may be listening to music too loudly


• SAFETY: NEVER wear headphones where there is any risk of personal danger!

• Comments, Support? Get in touch at

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Perfectly accessible, and has a setting for enabling a VoiceOver UI

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The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

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Very useful app

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Submitted by Ken Downey on Thursday, June 11, 2015

There is a free hearing aid app that does all this I think, and it also has EQ for each ear. Not sure what, if any, the differences are.

Submitted by Jordan on Thursday, June 18, 2015

I have tried this app for the past several days, and I can say Awareness does not work as advertised. I played with the settings on Awareness on my S5, and no matter what I did with my Earpods plugged in, it did not pick up anything. It was not the mic on the Earpods because I made several phone calls using them without any problems.

Submitted by Misty Dawn on Monday, October 5, 2015

How can I use this app as a hearing aid? Does it work well?

I only have a mild hearing loss and am not at the point where I need a hearing aid 24/7, but would like to have one in certain situations, e.g., to more easily hear cars coming my way, etc.

Would folks recommend this for such applications?

Submitted by Misty Dawn on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Another question about this app: Can you use it with headphones at the same time you are using BlindSquare GPS?

I tried another hearing aid app whose microphone kept switching off every time BlindSquare did an audio announcement.

Another question related to this one: Does this simply pipe sound in using normal volume at which you would usually hear the sound if you didn't have headphones or does it actually amplify the sound? If the latter is the case, can it amplify it to a high level?