EyeSight Pro w/ OCR


Description of App: 

EyeSight by SightTech was developed for users with visual impairments to be the most intuitive magnification and color enhancement tool in iOS history.Designed to utilize the newest iPad's technology, EyeSight allows anyone to magnify any printed material up to 12X, simply by using a few hand gestures with your iOS 5 device. In addition to magnification, you can toggle through 6 distinct color-contrast combinations to suit your individal preferences and visual enhancement needs. When EyeSight is combined with the use of a table-top stand, your iPad becomes the equivalent of a CCTV. When combined with an HDMI TV screen, EyeSight utilizes iPad’s built-in iOS mirroring capabilities, allowing for the magnification of small text up to 100X or more!Utilizing EyeSight makes one thing especially clear: old, single function, hand-held magnifiers and CCTV's are finally a thing of the past!EyeSight offers six color-contrast settings that were specifically designed based on the most common types of color blindness. The color enhancements available on the Eye Sight app are:

  1. Normal (Full Color)
  2. Enhanced Positive (Black on White)
  3. Enhanced Negative (White on Black)
  4. Yellow on Blue
  5. Yellow on Black
  6. Blue on White

EyeSight works with common hand gestures within iOS 5 technology to deliver the easiest, most intuitive user interface available today. It's as simple as A, B, C…A) Use the reverse-pinch gesture in combination with the device's camera to increase magnification.B) Use the single-finger-single-tap gesture to toggle through the different color settings.C) Use the two-finger-double-tap gesture to capture a screenshot of your image for emailing, note taking, and more.D) To bring up the EyeSight settings menu at any time, simply touch the icon located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (when the home button is on the left).From the EyeSight Settings Menu, users can easily toggle their iDevice's camera flash settings ON/OFF. For best results, SightTech recommends the flash be turned ON in low-light situations.When EyeSight is used in conjunction with a table-top stand, your iPad becomes a hand-held magnifier and CCTV. Please visit our website for a list of third-party stands that SightTech recommends.EyeSight was designed specifically to utilize technology found exclusively in the newest iPad release. For best results, use EyeSight in conjunction with the third-generation iPad. SightTech strongly recommends using EyeSight with the New iPad or iPhone 4S.Average battery life for iDevices running EyeSight is 6+ hours.Due to the use of gestures, please disable VoiceOver when using Eyesight.

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Accessibility Comments: 

As the developer states in the description, this app cannot be used with VoiceOver. None of the gestures used to adjust the magnification level or display settings are accessible with VoiceOver.I can accept this, as you would need to have at least some residual vision to be interested in this app. However, the developers could at least have taken the time to give the few buttons some labels. They should also ensure the User Guide that is available through the app can be read by VoiceOver. Instead they have it embedded as what is presumably a graphic. On my iPhone screen, the text in this guide was so small that I cannot imagine that anybody who needs this kind of app would be able to read the guide.I also found that the app would regularly freeze if I disabled VoiceOver whilst the app was running. 

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads a few page elements.

Button Labeling: 

Few buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some accessibility issues with this app, but it can still be used if you are willing to tolerate these issues and learn how to work around them.

Other Comments: 

On my iPhone 4 this app was a major disappointment, particularly when you consider that it costs $30.Video processing was poor, with the iPhone needing to be held quite still to maintain a clear and legible display with my chosen color scheme (yellow on black). This made for a very poor user experience, as I had to pan across text very slowly to prevent the video image from quickly degrading to an unusable level.I don't know how much better things are on an iPhone 4S or the latest iPad, but I would hope that the improved hardware on those would improve the video processing.The developers are clearly positioning this app as an alternative to a standalone CCTV for anybody who already owns an iDevice. From what I have seen, the performance of this app doesn't come close to what my CCTV delivers. However, if I didn't already have a CCTV, and was considering getting one, I might be tempted to try this app first. Using a stand and connecting to an external screen, I suspect that I would have a usable solution at a fraction of the cost of a CCTV.However, if you only want to turn your iPhone into a handheld magnifier, is a lot cheaper and from my experience a better performer.