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Description of App: 

My Library keeps all the information about your personal media collection at your fingertips. Separate tabs are available to display your books, movies, and compact discs, all ordered conveniently by title. You can search for items in your library, and enter a "loan status" to remember who you loaned the item to or borrowed it from. A new item can be entered automatically (enter ISBN, EAN, or UPC and remaining data is loaded from the internet) or manually. If you load the data from the internet, the item's cover image is loaded as well.


  • Supports large databases. Tested with a database of over 8,000 records!
  • Scan barcodes directly into the app using the built-in and ready-to-use Zbar or Red Laser scanners! Can also use Pic2Shop as a separate app! (Configurable, Live scanning in iOS4+ only, still image capture on pre-iOS 4 devices)
  • Barcode scanning for iPad! Requires Cue Cat USB scanner and the iPad USB Camera Kit. Search 'iPad Cue Cat' for details! 
  • Backup/Restore and view/sort your entire collection from your desktop with the integrated web server.
  • Read free eBooks with MegaReader and QuickReader.
  • Save information on your entire media collection in one convenient library
  • See your book, movie, and CD covers on your iPod/iPhone
  • Track loans
  • Rate your collection
  • Find places to buy books and the price at each vendor
  • Search the database by multiple space-separated keywords
  • Tilt your iPod to landscape view and view your covers in "shelf view" mode.
  • Backup and restore your library to our online backup server
  • View your backed up library at
  • Email your database backup files to a destination of your choice.
  • Import data via CSV file or saved backup.
  • Load data by entering ISBN/EAN/UPC or by doing a title/author/artist search.

I am an avid book, movie, and music collector, as well as a professional computer engineer with a day job. I develop and support my apps because I love the iPhone and iPad platform and I want my apps to be all that they can be. Think I can do something better? Would a slightly different or new capability increase your rating or motivate you to give me a positive review? Please email me. I'm always open to suggestions!

Apple Watch Support: 

Not Known



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Accessibility Comments: 

For the most part this app is very accessible and easy to use.

There are, however, a couple of issues for VoiceOver users.

Some buttons are not immediately intuitive. There are 5 buttons along the bottom of the app's main screen. These are read by VoiceOver as:

  1. By Title
  2. By Title
  3. By Album
  4. By Author
  5. More

A sighted user would know from the button graphics that the first of these refers to books, the second to movies. A VoiceOver user would simply be presented with 2 adjacent buttons that have the same label.

A similar problem is present on the 'More' screen, where you have further options for viewing entries in your library. Again, sighted users have visual cues, whilst VoiceOver users will be greeted by 3 instances of 'By Genre', 2 'By Series', 3 'By rating' and 2 'By Format'. If you double tap on any of these buttons it is quickly apparent which part of your library you are in, but things could certainly be better for VoiceOver users.

The app offers a number of options for adding items to your library. One of these is manually. When using this method you have the option of entering just a title, artist or author, and then tap on the 'import data' button to have the app perform an online search to find matches. Any matches are presented in a list. The list itself is read fine by VoiceOver, and there is no problem if you simply want to add a single item. However, there may be times when you want to import multiple items (such as when adding multiple books by the same author). As you navigate through the list you can select the desired titles by double tapping on them. This visually places a checkmark beside the title, but VoiceOver does not announce which titles have been selected when you swipe through the list.

Another issue is present when adding or editing an entry. Some of the fields on this page use a picker, which in itself works okay with VoiceOver. However, there are issues with how this has been implemented in the app.

Visually the picker slides onto the screen from the bottom of the page. Once you double tap on the 'done' button it slides back off the page. However, as far as VoiceOver is concerned the buttons on the picker are still present at the bottom of the page, so will be read directly before VoiceOver moves its focus onto the bottom menu bar.

You also have to be a little careful when using the picker, as VoiceOver will see both a 'save' and 'done' button on the page. The first of these is the one that saves the whole entry, and tapping on this before you tap on the done button will not save any changes you have made with the picker. It would be better if only the picker elements were recognized by VoiceOver when the picker is in use.

I have yet to find any other accessibility issues with this app, and would have no problems in recommending it to VoiceOver users.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.