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Note: There may be several versions of Icy floating around. I have not used nor can I comment on all of them. If you choose to use a distribution of the software other than the one mentioned here, your results may vary. The distribution of Icy I am referring to cannot be found by searching the default list of repositories found in Cydia. To download it, you must first add to your list of sources in Cydia. Note: Icy's complete package name is com.myrepospace.i-Mods.icy. I'm including this here because some people have had trouble finding it using apt-cache search.

"Icy is our take on the freeware package manager that uses APT repositories to install and remove packages available in another free iPhone installer application, Cydia. The goal was to create a fast, lightweight and more slick solution that is easy and cool to use." from the old Ripdev web site.

Icy is a widely known alternative to Cydia. Once on your phone, you will be able to view and install any jailbreak application of your choice, provided that the app does not require you to purchase it before downloading. This is because Icy has nowhere to store your credit card info. Other notable features include the ability to view a list of currently installed packages, update packages if updates are available, and uninstall unwanted packages. THis distribution of Icy comes with no sources. You must add any sources you wish to use manually. Also note that any packages from newly added sources will not show up unless you hit the refresh button in the sources section.

Icy was originally created and maintained by ripdev. The company closed down on October 24, 2009 for undisclosed reasons and made the source code for Icy freely available. You can download it from Softpedia. I personally know if two developers who have picked up the Icy project and released their own distributions of the software.

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Not Known



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AppleVis Editor Note: this app was submitted before Usability Ratings were introduced, so one has been chosen on the basis of the accessibility comments made by the original poster. If you have used this app, please post a comment to let us know if you agree with the Rating.Original Comments: This distribution of Icy is fully accessible, apart from one tiny snag. I have found no way to remove any of the sources you add without sighted help. A quick word about the sources page for those of you who jailbroke using PwnageTools. Your page will look different than the page people who jailbroke with Limera1n. The following instructions will not apply to Limera1n jailbreakers. To add a new source, hit edit. The add button will not be immediately visible, so you'll have to make it visible. First, hit the unlabeled button all the way to the left of the page (in flick order). This will make another unlabeled button show up right before a supposed add button. (I say supposed because nothing happens when you double tap on it.) Hit the button that shows up, and a dialogue will pop up asking you to add our source. When done, hit return to confirm. I found no way to hit cancel using the onscreen keyboard. When using my mini bluetooth keyboard, I could easily flick to the cancel button. If you don't have a bluetooth keyboard and want to cancel, just hit home, launch Icy again, and start over. Here's another scenario you probably won't encounter too often, but I'll include it here just to be thorough. If you hit that first unlabeled button and decide you don't want to add a source, you'll have to hit two buttons labeled done in a specific order. First, hit the one right after the add button. Then hit the done button right after the Sources heading.

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VoiceOver reads all page elements.

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Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.