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A free version of one of the long-standing Top Paid Health & Fitness apps in the App Store, sponsored by Brita.

FACT: In 2009, studies showed that 79% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Start using this app today, and join the healthier 21%. Introduction: Track your daily water consumption in an intuitive way, and because not everyone needs to drink the same amount, it is designed specifically for you. Based on the revolutionary research done by health care professionals in recent years, we have learned just how critical it is, for your health, to maximize your individual water intake. This app is designed to perfect that routine. A consistent routine with the proper amount of water in your diet will lead you to optimal overall health. Start today for a healthier tomorrow. With your personal schedule being so hectic, it is difficult to manage how much water you have drank for the day. Finally, you have found the best solution available on the iPhone. Features: 
  • Immerse in an interactive, free-roaming interface to add cups or bottles of water towards your goal.
  • Earn a daily and overall average grade on how well you are keeping up on your recommended amount.
  • Touch and drag the containers around your table to organize them in your own special way.
  • Customize your own specific water container, with images to choose from.
  • Use either US or metric measurements to track the amounts.
  • View a line graph detailing the history of your water intake.
  • Be reminded by the app icon itself of how many cups or bottles you have left to meet your goal.
  • View the time and dates of every cup or bottle of water you have drank.
  • Enjoy a plethora of useful facts and tips about water and human health.
Please enjoy this app. We are looking forward to your feedback! email: contact@foware.com Disclaimer: Some of the information and tips in this app were provided free of charge from watercure2.org. The enthusiastic individuals who maintain the site have proven their dedication to optimal and objective health information. However, this app is not intended as a substitute for professional health care advice.



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Accessibility Comments

This app is pretty easy to use once you figure out what each button does, and even that's not difficult, although some of them are labeled strangely.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

Other Comments

I love this app and plan to upgrade to the paid version. I downloaded maybe 4 different apps to help track water consumption and I settled on this one. When you run the app for the first time, you enter your weight. Based on that, the app tells you how much you need to drink in a day. You choose whether you're inputting your weight in pounds or kilograms; enter the number, then tap the button that corresponds to the unit you're using to save. After that, you're presented with the main screen, and here's where the buttons get a little funny. Starting from the top left and flicking right, the first two buttons decide whether you want to passcode restrict your information (if you don't want people to see your weight, etc). The next is your weight. If you want to change it, then flick left back to the previous button, where it says "show." Then flick back to the right to your weight again, and the button after that is the Change button, where it opens to the same area you entered when you first set up the app, where you can enter the new weight, then again choose pounds or kilograms. When the Change button is not showing, as it usually isn't unless you tap on the Show button, then the button immediately after your weight is an undo button. That allows you to remove the last cup of water you entered if you made a mistake, or to delete all cups added for that day if you totally messed up. Then there's a Water button. That's what you tap on to choose your container. The first button there is labeled Sbig. That's the save button, to save your changes and exit out of the select container screen. Here's where you would also change from milliters and US ounces. The choices for containers are water bottle, glass cup, custom bottle (maybe you have a sports bottle, canteen, etc.), and custom cup. You tap on any of these. Voiceover doesn't say it's selected, but if you flick over, you'll see a text field that tells you how many ounces are set. You can change that in two ways for any of the container choices. There's a slider where you can change percentages, but the easiest way is to flick over to the num pad. That opens a calculator-style keypad where you can enter the units you want for that container. The done button for that is right above the 1, and if you enter a number wrong, the delete is in the right-hand bottom corner. It's set up in 4 digits, so if you want say 12 ounces, you'd enter 12.00. After you choose the container and enter the new ounce or ML amount if you want to change it, then you tap the Sbig button and that closes the container selection area and you're back on the main screen. If you go into the container selection area by accident and didn't want to change anything, just tap on the water button again and it closes. You haven't actually added the container to your water record though. To do that, you flick to the right from the water button. You'll hear the number of ounces you have left to drink, then how many cups that would be based on the type of container you have selected. As you choose different containers and enter different ounces, this amount changes to reflect what you have selected. Whichever container you choose, that container stays selected, so if you use the same container for your next drink, you don't have to go back into the container selection. To enter the drink, flick right from the amount you need to fulfill your goal and you'll hear a button labeled Wood Table. You tap on this, and that adds the container you have selectted and subtracts those ounces from your goal, so if you flick back to the left, you'll see your requirement has been reduced. You can always undo if you accidentally add too many, as I did the first time. If you continue flicking right from the table, you'll hear the times of day and amounts you drank for previously recorded containers for that day. If you try to add a drink, then flick back and it seems your required intake hasn't changed, you may need to drag your cups all the way over to either the left or right to make more room. Just double-tap and hold say maybe somewhere in the middle of the screen where it says Wood Table and drag all the way over to the right. All your cups should be moved over; then you can continue adding. At the bottom are tabs for the main screen, the graph, which isn't completely accessible but you can make some sense out of it, and an awards tab that shows the achievements you've earned through the app. The last tab is for tips. Overall, It's pretty easy once you familiarize yourself with the app, and I hope all this babble helps someone get a head start so they don't have to figure out too much. I plan to contact the developer to see if maybe some of these buttons might be labeled easier and made more accessible. If anyone tries this app and likes it as much as I do, your help in that would be greatly appreciated I'm sure, as we all know there's strength in numbers.


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