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One of the best rated white noise machines on the market.Superior in sound contents: 24 scenes, 83 different sound effects and more than 300 different sounds ensure that everyone will find an ambience matchingtheir needs.Sleep Bug is an ambient sound mixer that produces a variety of scenes and music with random sound effects. The built-in sound generator creates a realisticlistening experience to help calm a busy mind and is perfect for adults, children, and babies who are having trouble sleeping. You can also use sleep bugin the office to mask out distracting noises, improve concentration, and increase privacy.So don’t delay, try Sleep Bug today. Improve your mind and improve your life, through sound!More than 2 million users worldwide!With a rating average of 4.75/5.00 Sleep Bug is one of the best rated white noise machines in the App Store. Try it out!---------------------------- FEATURES --- 24 High quality scenes each with multiple sound effects.- Play scenes in the background while using other apps.- High quality retina graphics.- Clock and date display.- Sleep timer.- Accessibility support.- No ads!- GREAT USER SUPPORT!---------------------------- 24 SCENES --Available for both iPhone, iPod and iPad. Sleep Bug includes the following scenes:Beach – With birds, ship horn, chimes and wavesMusic Box – With bells, birds, guitar and pianoZen – With hok, bamboo, drum, strings and chants (zen scape without voices)Zen Garden – With hok, bamboo, drum and stringsRiver – With birds, insects, frogs, lightning and windForest – With birds, wolves, eagles, bird wings and music beatsJungle – With tigers, parrots, drums, monkeys and frogsClassical – With violins, cello, drums and solo violinFire – With birds, burning wood, crickets, lightning, wind and owlsWaterfall – With streams, trees and birdsWeather – With lightning, rain and windLullaby - With birds, chimes, wind and wavesWant to expand your Sleep Bug experience even further? You can also purchase the full version with 12 extra scenes:Horror – With ghosts, screams, chains, doors and owlsCity – With bicycles, birds, motorbikes and carsClock - With chimes, mechanical and poundDreams – With bass, bells, pad loop, pads and organTrain – With carriages, horns and passing trainsSci-fi – With static noises, voices, flares, U.F.O’s and space windAirport – With planes taking off, music and announcementsOutback – With snakes, didgeridoo and chimesWinter – With ice cracking, walking in the snow, bells, music and padsWhite Noise – With pads, 528Hz noise, wind and wavesUnderwater – With sonar, whales and bubblesDark Drone – With storms, aggressive additions & mellow additions---------------------------- CUSTOMER REVIEWS --This app is amazing. My son falls asleep to the music box scene every night!The best ambiance app I've downloaded yet! Use it every single night.Love it! - I use this every night & it has been wonderful! This is great!--------------------------To learn more, check out our webpage at: 

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This app is now 100% accessible

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VoiceOver reads all page elements.

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All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

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This app wasn't very accessible in the last versions. I've been mailing a bit back and forth with the developer, and he has proven to be very responsive to suggestions to improve accessibility. So the update that was released in the App Store today is 100% accessible. This is yet another sunshine story, that shows that it's worth sending a mail to the developers sometimes. Enjoy a good night sleep! :)

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