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Description of App

 Do you wish to get away from the noise of the city and feel free from the problems that surround you? Then Relaxing Sounds of Nature is for you..
Using it you can:

  • Relax,
  • Reduce stress,
  • Sleep and feel better,
  • Prepare for meditation,
  • Use for spa ambiance or physiotherapy and much more.

This is a 2 in 1 application. We put together two components in one app. Which is an audio experience with 70 beautiful nature sounds and a soundboard with 104 sounds where you can mix a number of soundtracks to have a peaceful experience.

Please see what customers have said about Relaxing Sounds of Nature:

this is the very best app of it's kind. I have tried so many others and none are as easy and well put together as this one. Sounds are very realistic. Love falling asleep to the sound of a thunder storm.
Don't bother to keep looking, download this app. It has eveything you want. :)
Relaxing Sounds of Nature
Cool app, helps you escape the madness!
I'd give it seven stars if I could
Simply the best Lund generating app I've seen. Love the mixing board options!
Have used this about every other night for about fourteen months
This is something that gets better the more I use it. The ability to mesh and layer different background sounds with different volume levels is truly great. Crickets and waves, windchimes with trains, rain and ocean, several dozen sounds, then beta and theta blue noise can add a very effective baseline background on which to build. You can have about thirty presets of mixes. I've only used about fifteen; they are stored with memorabl small icons.

Here are the amazing features you will get with Relaxing Sounds of Nature:

  • iPhone 4 and iphone 5 new 4 inch display support.
  • You can use it for relaxation, mediation, and yoga, physiotherapy, spa music etc...
  • The soundboard has 104 relaxing sounds with which you can combine or enjoy them on their own. Perhaps you will choose the sounds of breaking waves with seagulls, crickets chirping or the sounds of an Irish flute, or perhaps played all together. You can do it all and much more.
  • All selected sounds from the soundboard can be saved and replayed later. All you have to do is open the Soundboard and tap on any of the sounds that you would like to combine together and save them.
  • We know you, or your child could fall asleep to sounds of nature. So we have included 2 easy to use night timers that you can set to various time intervals to allow you to peacefully fall asleep to any of our breathtaking sounds.
  • Wakeup timer allows you to wake up to the sounds of nature. Just set time and your favorite soundtrack. Wakeup Timer allows selecting any sound shipped within the app.
  • AirPlay support. Use AirPlay to stream our sounds wirelessly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to your HDTV and speakers with Apple TV or to your AirPlay speakers.
  • As there is a large number of sounds, we have included the Favorites page where you can add your favorite sounds.
  • Completely customizable. Create you own combination from 104 possible sounds save them and use later.
  • Every sound in the soundboard has its own volume control.
  • iOS 4 background audio support. Play our relaxing sounds while you’re using other apps.
  • Digital Clock Display with amazing pictures of nature. Use our Slideshow feature to see them one after another.
  • Night timers have Fade Out feature.
  • Wakeup timer has a snooze feature.
  • Ability to play and combine your iPod music library.
  • Six lullaby songs are included for your little ones.
  • Flashlight is included.
  • The app features additional 30 beautiful pictures of nature, which you can save to your Photo library and use as wallpapers (iPhone Only).
  • Full iPad support, you can enjoy our app on both iPhone and iPad paying only once.

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It is fully accessible with Voiceover.

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The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

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There is also free version of this app available, but paid version has more sounds.


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