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Description of App

LARK helps couples sleep better together through its revolutionary silent un-alarm clock and micromovement sleep sensor. Together with the LARK wristband accessory, LARK UP transforms your iPhone into a silent alarm clock that nudges you awake while letting your partner sleep in. When you wake up, the app shows you the quality of your sleep, right on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Retire your jarring alarm clock and wake up peacefully to the vibration of your LARK wristband.

Wake your potential. Not your partner.

Note: This app is intended to be used with a LARK wristband accessory. To purchase one, please visit our website at

Silent Un-alarm Clock. Wake like never before – gently, naturally, and without disturbing your sleeping partner.

  • A silent and peaceful wakeup, designed with a Harvard sleep expert to be highly effective
  • No more disrupting your partner’s or roommate’s sleep with your noisy alarm clock
  • Guaranteed to wake you up, even when phone battery dies
  • Familiar alarm clock interface – large snooze button and numerical display
  • Adjustable snooze time
  • Peace of Mind feature: an adjustable backup audio alarm that plays composer-created audio
  • Automatically dimming clock interface.
  • Sleep Sensor & Tracker. Find out if you're waking without knowing, and why you might not be performing at your best.
  • Micromovement wrist sensor picks up patterns while you sleep.
  • LARK UP app and personal online dashboard show how you slept.

How does it work?
Use the LARK UP app to set your wake up time and alarm settings. Turn on the alarm and your iPhone will wirelessly transfer your alarm settings to your LARK wristband. Strap on the lightweight, hassle-free wristband and go to sleep. The micromovement sensor will pick up your sleep patterns, and when it’s time to wake up, your LARK wristband will vibrate and nudge you awake. Press the big snooze button to snooze or slide the stop button across the screen to wake. Your sleep quality and patterns are presented immediately, right in the app.

Afraid you won’t wake up to the LARK wristband vibration?
Our wireless vibration technology is designed with a Harvard Medical School sleep expert and Stanford engineers to be extremely effective in waking you up. Your LARK wristband will still work even if your iPhone battery dies in the middle of the night.

Still not convinced?
The LARK UP app comes with a Peace of Mind (POM) feature that turns your iPhone into a regular alarm clock if it does not receive a response from you within 2-5 minutes after your alarm goes off.


  • silent wake up
  • micromovement sleep sensor
  • clean and simple clock interface, with large, bright, and easy to read font type
  • beautiful graphic design to show your your sleep quality and patterns
  • intuitive and easy to use menu setting
  • confirmation of alarm clock status on clock interface and in menu setting
  • six customizable snooze options
  • endless snoozing
  • Peace of Mind – turns your silent alarm into an audio alarm
  • two customizable Peace of Mind options
  • big, bright snooze button
  • slider function to stop alarm
  • LARK wristband works even when iPhone battery dies
  • Night time clock interface that stays on all night
  • Automatically dimming clock interface.



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Apple Watch Support

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Accessibility Comments

The app is mostly accessible. Reading the Alarm screen, setting an alarm, and disabling/enabling an alarm all are accessible and work well.

On the Alarm screen there is a "Clock" button. This brings up an inaccessible screen with several unlabeled buttons. To get back from this screen click the button in the lower left. I am not sure what this screen does but does not seem crucial for using the app.

The History view shows your sleep patterns if you are signed in and using this feature. Swiping using VoiceOver does not read data in order. The data is mostly displayed in columns, so moving the finger up and down the screen in a column format works the best to read the data. (The data is also available on the website.)

When it is time to wake up the app is used to turn off the Lark. Using VoiceOver, double tapping on the "Stop alarm" slide area did not work. Double tapping on "Launch" did work and open the Lark app where I was able to then click "Stop" successfully.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads most page elements.

Button Labeling

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some accessibility issues with this app, but it can still be used if you are willing to tolerate these issues and learn how to work around them.

Other Comments

Note that the Lark hardware is sold separately on The website is not perfectly accessible but I was able to manage using JAWS and a Windows PC.


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