Nebula Game


Description of App: 

Nebula is a spaceship battle arcade game that will provide you a new
experience. With many features such as 3D audio, device movements and
accessibility for the visually impaired.

- Gaming Modes: Campaign**, Free and Multiplayer.
- 3D audio*, allowing play without vision.
- 48 enemies spaceships.
- Evolution of the game story in each level.
- Upgradeable spaceship.
- Detailed tutorial.
- 9 chapters and 36 levels.

*For a better experience, use your headphones.
**Chapter 2-9, need to be purchased via a single In-App Purchase.

During the last great inter-galactic war, the Spacial Defense Force
created the Nebula project, an army of defense and attack composed by
2000 spaceships. The project got it's name due to the difficult the
pilots had to perform combats in space, as they face huge nebulas that
limited their vision and scrambled their systems. Because of this,
engineers have invested heavily to develop a technology that would allow
us to hear other ships and unknown objects.

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Accessibility Comments: 

Some parts of the app such as the tutorial and start of chapters are self voicing, the game was designed with the blind in mind, however it has images, making it possible for us to play with all sighted players, and it will give no advantages to them because sometimes during the gameplay it will be quite hard for them to see, making it necessary to listen just like we do to progress.
Voiceover works with the app at all times, so you don't have to turn it off during gameplay.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments: 

This is the first game from this company, called Gray Company. I've talked to one of it's developers for quite some time, and I assure you guys this is just their starting point, they are interested in making many other games(at least one more until the end of the year).
These developers are really open to new suggestions and improvements for the game, The updates will take some time to be released, but this will surely get updated in the near future with your suggestions in mind.
Many of you will read the app's description and say: One more space game for the blind... But consider the following: Many games created with the blind in mind are easy to play, you finish it in an hour or two.
This is Completely different, in this case the developers are trying to bring the challenges of the games which they have played, games for the sighted. and trust me, the game isn't going to go easy on you. You might take an hour to beat a level, because just like everything else in life, success comes with practice, and you'll surely need it! And consider that there are 36 levels, the entire game costs $1.99 usd for hours of fun! In my opinion this is a steal! I really hope you guys like the game and spread the word about it.
The game also comes with a tutorial to get you started, but I can help you guys if you have difficulties just post here. Have fun!

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