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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

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Black Cards is an easy to use virtual expansion pack for fill-in-the-blank style card games. Inspired by classic games such as Cards Against Humanity ™ and Apples to Apples ™, Black Cards is the perfect way to get any party going!

Loaded with over 700 new question cards, Black Cards provides hours of fun. Use your existing answer cards from fill in the blank card games and pair them with new and exciting questions from Black Cards!

Create your own card feature lets you make up you own cards and save them into the deck!

Black Cards has a simple interface designed for maximum visibility and ease of use. Simply tap the screen for a new card when it's your turn. Read the card aloud and let users fill in the blank with the cards in their hand.

Be sure to check out all the additional card packs available through In-App Purchase.

NOTE: Black Cards itself is not a game. It was created to be paired with fill in the blank style card games similar to Cards Against Humanity ™ or Apples to Apples ™. Black Cards is not affiliated with any of these games.

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Easy to use once you figure out the layout. Took me no time at all to start having fun

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VoiceOver reads all page elements.

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Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

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I usually either play with my friends in teams, or I use Seeing AI to get the just of my cards since I’ve memorized most of them.

But having all of these question cards on the phone makes it just that little bit easier to start having fun. Even just coming up with random answers on the spot is hilarious. I love flipping through these cards just to see what weird thing pops up next

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Two-part answer.

If you’re confused about the app, when you first launch the app it’ll load and say instructions. That button doesn’t bring anything up, so swipe to the right. It’ll say button. Double tapping on this gives you a new question. Swipe right from There to hear the question it gave you. If you want the next one swipe left back to the button and double tap. The question will appear to the right again. If you continue swiping right then you can re-shuffle the cards, click to buy expansion packs, or add your own question to the deck.

If you’ve never played cards against humanity or something similar before here’s a quick explanation. Usually you need to buy the main box set online. This is actual cards. It contains both black cards that give scenarios or questions like on the app. And a whole bunch of white cards that have different answers Such as lizard people, drinking a bucket of tears, squeaky toys, flying tacos. this probably doesn’t really make much sense but it’s a really fun game. As I mentioned i usually either play in teams with my friends so they can help tell me my cards. Or i use seeing AI and an earbud To be able to hear what cards I have in my hand. You take turns drawing a black card and reading it out loud, the rest of the players have 5 white cards in their hand and everyone places one face down for the person who has a question card to pick the best answer. Whoever he picks, gets to keep that black card as a point. The first person to get 10 black cards wins.

A super easy way to play is just to have this app and a few friends. Have the question read out loud either by a person or with voiceover, and then just come up with the weirdest answer you can. Then you can decide who has the best answer and give points to them.

It’s a really fun and kind of stupid party game! Not for the kiddos, but I even had fun playing with my grandparents LOL.

Here is a video that can explain it better than I can.

As I mentioned in a previous comment, please remember that these are the question cards. You can still play the game with just your imagination but it is meant to be played with the white cards you can order online on their actual website.
Hope this helps!