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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Description of App

The RoosterMoney Allowance & Chores Tracker for parents and children helps families manage allowances, chores and rewards and teaches children the value of money. Available in any currency.

RoosterMoney Allowance & Chores Tracker gets allowance sorted. It transforms the way you give pocket money and your child's allowance, by making it simple for parents and fun for kids. Parents remain the Bank of Mom and Dad and no deposits are required to start using RoosterMoney.

For those parents who need extra features like a more advanced chore tracker, adding extra family members, or even setting interest rates, there’s the option to upgrade to RoosterPLUS.

Parents sign up to record the pocket money comings and goings for their children. Each child has an account too and can check their statement and savings, create saving goals and choose what they want to save for.

Key Features for Parents:

  • Set up a pocket money routine for your kids; issuing allowances automatically each week or on an ad hoc basis in your preferred currency (£, $, € and more).
  • If your children aren't ready for real money, you can also award stars, we act as an online Reward Chart or Star Chart!
  • View current balances and statements, so you can track kids money.
  • Boost extra money for jobs, achievements or gifts.
  • Remove money from the app and hand it to your kids so they can spend it at the shops.
  • Take pictures of things at the store and set these as savings targets for your kids to save up for.
  • Lock their allowance in an instant
  • A great way for teaching children money.

Key Features for Kids:

  • Take control of your allowance.
  • Know how much money you have and how it has been saved and spent by checking your statement.
  • Create goals to save for, and you can upload your own photos!
  • Save money to add to a Savings Account using our Safe function.
  • Customize your Dashboard theme and make your account your own.
  • Get a head-start learning about money!

What is RoosterMoney?

Our mission is a simple one. We provide easy and engaging tools that help parents to raise money-wise kids.

We set out to sort a specific problem: Allowances are a great idea in principle. But finding a system that works for your family is hard, particularly when you’re juggling the weekly shopping, work emails and soccer practice. And everything else for that matter.

We believe in the power of allowances to transform children’s understandings of money – whether you give them 20¢ a week or $10. And we think these lessons are best learned by keeping things simple for parents and fun for kids. Importantly we think the best things are learned together.

What Parents think:

“Pocket money issues used to stress me out no end and now it is all just FUN! I tried so many times writing things in cash books & various money boxes but nothing really worked until I found RoosterMoney.” Annabel, mom of 3.

“Perfect for parents like me who do not deal in cash.” Wendy, mom of 1.

“They used to receive ad-hoc amounts from friends and family and store it all over the place. Now they know exactly how much they have and how long they've been saving for.” Lucinda, mom of 3.



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Accessibility Comments

Buttons for performing functions are not labeled, but thinking about the app in a logical way does lead to being able to add (what the app calls boost) money to an account. I have not yet had to remove from an account or transfer to other accounts. It looks like all money can be placed in a single account, we use the spend account as that's where I first placed money.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads most page elements.

Button Labeling

Few buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some accessibility issues with this app, but it can still be used if you are willing to tolerate these issues and learn how to work around them.

Other Comments

It is important to know that you are not depositing real money using this app. this is virtual or simulated money. The only time you would deal with real money is if your child opened an account at a bank such as savings or wanted to cash out their allowance to purchase something themselves. Then it would be you handing them physical money or using a debit/credit card.

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