Description of App: 

Broadcast live and watch live video on your device - anytime, anywhere!Ustream powers live interactive video that enables anyone to watch and interact with a global audience of unlimited size.

  • Watch live and recent videos, discover upcoming events
  • Broadcast live to any number of viewers using the camera of your device
  • Interact with your audience by issuing a poll or chatting
  • Join Ustream Crowds, get notifications for events you’re attending

Apple Watch Support: 

Not Known



Free or Paid: 


Device(s) App Was Tested On: 

iPod Touch

Accessibility Comments: 

From what I've seen so far, the app works wonderfully with Voiceover. Some things are not intuitive, but they may just be dividers. More testing is needed on those.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads most page elements.

Button Labeling: 

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver, but the interface could be easier to navigate and use.

Other Comments: 

Most screens read well. The home tab refreshes a lot, making it difficult to keep one's place on the screen. I like this app a lot from what I've seen.