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The ultimate video experience is just a tap away with the newly redesigned DIRECTV App for iPhone. Stream live TV anywhere in your home, with select channels available outside your home. Watch hit movies and shows On Demand at home or on the go. Set your DVR to record your favorite shows from anywhere. And now the DIRECTV App even lets you find whatever you want to watch on TV by using just your voice, from anywhere. At home, you can even use your TV screen to display your dialogue and search results. Limited programming available. Additional charges may apply. Available for customers in the USA only. FEATURES - Find what you want to watch on TV just by speaking to the app at home or away from home. - Use your voice to change the channel, record, and play content when you’re at home. - Watch movies and shows on demand at home or on the go from HBO®, Cinemax®, Starz®, Encore®, and more. - Turn your iPhone into a portable TV and watch top TV channels live in any room of your home. - Set your DVR to record your favorite shows from anywhere. - Get program descriptions, cast & crew info, photos, recommendations & parental ratings. WATCH - Watch thousands of your favorite shows and movies On Demand right on your iPhone. - Filter the Guide, Movies, TV Shows and Networks sections to view programs and channels you can watch on your iPhone. - Set parental controls, and enjoy peace of mind over what your children are watching. BROWSE - Search for programs using just your voice. Speak naturally. Search by title, channel, keyword, actor, genre, time frame, almost anything. - Browse and discover thousands of On Demand titles. - Search for DIRECTV CINEMA movies based on categories. - Search for any television show up to 14 days in advance, view top picks of the week, set your favorite channels, and sort by programs you can watch on your iPhone. RECORDINGS - Record shows by a single episode or entire series to any DIRECTV DVR in your home. - Add additional time to the start or end of a recording request or select to manually record a channel for a specific amount of time. - Set recordings for DIRECTV CINEMA movies to watch on your home TV any time. Order movies and events without your receiver connected to a phone line. CONTROL - Tap to tune in to any show on your TV from your iPhone. - Manage your recordings from your playlist and play them back on TV. - Use your iPhone as a remote control. MORE - Manage your account. - Instant access to Mobile Answer Center link for FAQs. - Browsing functionality is available to everyone. - Recording functionality is available to DIRECTV customers with a DVR only. REQUIREMENTS - Compatible with iOS 6.0 or later. - DIRECTV customers must have a residential home account registered on the DIRECTV website to watch On Demand content and access recording functionality. - Watching On Demand or select Live TV Streaming channels outside the home requires an active Wi-Fi or Mobile Internet connection. - Available content is based on your current programming package and premium service. Not all content is available to stream at this time. - Live TV Streaming in-home only channels require a Wi-Fi connection to your home network and a DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR (models R22, and HR20 or higher) connected to a broadband Internet connection. - Scheduling a recording requires a Wi-Fi, or Mobile Internet connection and a DIRECTV Plus® DVR or HD DVR. Receivers do not require phone or Internet connection to schedule a recording. - On Demand scheduling requires a DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR (model HR20 or later or R22) connected to the Internet. -Voice TV mode requires an Internet-connected HR24 model or above. Use of the DIRECTV iPhone Application by DIRECTV customers is subject to DIRECTV's Customer Agreement and Privacy Policy (available on the DIRECTV website).



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Not Known

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Totally accessible with voiceover.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

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Submitted by Jacob Crider on Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This app use to be accessible now since version 3 this app is completely inaccessible has any one else had this problem?

Actually, I have to say, parts of the app are accessible. For example, the tv guide is accessible, but only if you search by date and time, not by network. Either way this is a huge step back for DirecTV and its up to us to let them know.

Submitted by Mello on Wednesday, September 4, 2013

If you use Directv, or just think accessibility to mainstream technology is emportaint Please contact Directv! First my note to them, then their reply. Customer By Web Form (Michael Mello) - 09/04/2013 08:52 AM Hello: The old app was mostly accessible, but now, the new app is quite difficult to use with Voiceover on the iPhone. I would like to assist the App dev. team to make this app accessible to blind DIRECTV customers again. The 21st century communication and video accessibility act mandates accessibility for blind users, and using the iOS platform is an easy way to implement this compliance. Please contact me for more information; I can assist in finding blind beta testers, as well as iOS development resources around accessibility best practices. Thank you for your time and consideration. Mike Mello Subject --------------------------------------------------------------- Accessibility of New directv app v3.xx for blind users using iOS Discussion Thread --------------------------------------------------------------- Response Via Email(Marichu P. - 100102583) - 09/04/2013 11:10 AM Dear Mr. Mello, Thank you for your suggestion. I would like to personally assure you that your feedback about the latest version of DIRECTV mobile app is very important to us. We welcome subscriber feedback regarding our existing products and services however, we do not accept and will not review any unsolicited proposals or submissions. Unsolicited proposals and submissions include creative or technical ideas, concepts or suggestions for any products, programming or services, such as content pitches, show scripts and new technology proposals. Meanwhile, be assured that e are constantly reviewing our services and policies to ensure that we are meeting the needs of most of our customers. In addition, I have forwarded your email to DIRECTV's Management Team, who review every suggestion, inquiry and complaint for trends from our customers to determine what changes should be considered. It is feedback like yours that helps us remain America's #1 Satellite provider. We thank you for your continued support! Sincerely, Marichu P. - 100102583 DIRECTV Customer Service P.S. The NFL season is almost here. Find out how you can catch all of the action with NFL SUNDAY TICKET at

Submitted by Darrell Bowles on Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello, I was wanting to know, if Direct TV has improved there accessability in there phone ap. Also, by any chance, do you know if you can still program the DVR from the computer? Thanks, Darrell

Submitted by dvdmth on Thursday, August 7, 2014

Club AppleVis Member

Both the iPhone and iPad versions of this app have been updated, the iPhone version to 3.5 and the iPad version to 3.0. The release notes specifically mention improvements to VoiceOver. I briefly tested the iPad version, and I can confirm that this version is significantly improved, if not perfect. I don't have the iPhone version, so I can't test that one.

Submitted by AnonyMouse on Thursday, August 7, 2014

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Many thanks to dvdmth for this wonderful heads up!

What's New in Version 3.5.008
Free Movie Filter: Now you can easily find FREE movies by selecting the ‘Free’ filter on the Movies page.

Recently Watched On Demand: Can't finish a show that you're watching On Demand? Now you can pick it up right where you left off, on the go! Resume watching
from your tablet, mobile phone or computer, no matter where you are.

Usability improvements using the Accessibility Voice Over feature
Closed Captioning enhancements

Plus additional bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Submitted by Darrell Bowles on Thursday, August 7, 2014

This is awesome! I am able to watch streams now, and perhaps control my dvr! I might make a podcast of this!

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