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learn REAL accents from REAL people
Need to learn a new accent and don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Working with unfamiliar sounds can be nerve-wracking: the pressure is piled on to ‘get it right’ for that audition, opening night, recording session or first day of filming.
What if you could put a Voice Coach in your Pocket® to guide you every step of the way?
The Real Accent App: Celtic Nations does just that. An industry-proven 10-step learning programme, authentic native speaker recordings and groundbreaking functionality make this the definitive app every actor needs in their accent kit bag.
‘I imagine hundreds of would be film characters will love The Real Accent App…fascinating tool for learning accents.’ Stephen Fry
• Step-by-step breakdowns for 10 accents prepared by a top industry coach
• 30 real people recorded in their original environments
• Simple-to-use interface for fast problem solving on the rehearsal room floor
• Innovative RECORD and COMPARE functions to speed up learning
• Unique AUTOPLAY and LOOP functions for working hands free
• An ingenious TEST YOUR EAR quiz that strengthens listening skills
• Insider industry tips to help adapt an accent to character and script
• No in-app purchases: one purchase, one download
• No advertisements
• Cork (Ireland)
• Dublin (Ireland)
• Belfast (Northern Ireland)
• Aberdeen (Scotland)
• Edinburgh (Scotland)
• Glasgow (Scotland)
• Inverness (Scotland)
• Cardiff (Wales)
• North Wales: Conwy Valley
• South Wales: The Valleys
The Real Accent App: Celtic Nations contains over 4 hours of high-quality
audio reference material and requires a minimum of 480MB of storage space on your device.



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Accessibility Comments

Before I got the app, I contacted the developer to ask about the app's accessibility and was given a promo code to test it. I have sent them my feedback, listing the same issues as below, so hopefully in the next update these issues will be resolved.

In the step-by-step breakdown of each accent, when listing various relevant features, as well as in the "test your ear" quiz, there is a slider halfway down the page. This will say page 2 of 23, etc. and can be manipulated by using the standard flick up or down gesture to change the value, however, for some reason the focus remains on this slider and a flick left or right will send you either to the first or final page within the section. The only workaround to this is to read the top section of the screen, giving you a written description of the subject, then when you've done so, tap the bottom of the screen to find the individual buttons for playing the recorded phrase(s) for a given speaker, or the compare, record, auto loop and playback functions. As a minor point, some of the record and playback buttons in the step-by-step breakdown are labelled as control play, control back, control record, etc..

In the "test your ear" quiz the best approach is to hit the play button, which is located in the bottom centre of the screen, listen to the phrase and then tap or flick over to the accent you think it is, which are alphabetically organised in the bottom half of the screen. After ten samples the app will pop up an announcement telling you how many you had correct. Incidentally, the app does not show which accents you've identified correctly. Sighted people will have the same overall experience of this section, except that they can see at the top what number sample you're on and which phrase will be spoken, or use the slider to go back and change their guess. This is also possible when using VO, but requires careful tapping and sliding.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver, but the interface could be easier to navigate and use.

Other Comments

I'm not an actor or voiceover artist, but accents have always been a source of fascination for me. Although I'm not a native English speaker, I've been fluent in English since I was 14 or so; people don't believe me when I tell them English is my third language. Initially, my accent shifted to a general American accent, sometimes with a slight Canadian flavour, but since I've been living in the UK for some years now, it has shifted to modern RP. When I learnt of this app through a youtube video, I was very curious to test it out.

There are four apps in the series, England, America, Celtic Nations, and Europe., each featuring 10 relevant accents I've only tested the Celtic Nations edition, though as far as I'm aware the format is the same for each app. Consequently, any updates, including fixing the slider issue, should become implemented across the current series and future editions.


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