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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Description of App

The LifeWay Reader app brings thousands of Christian books right to your iPhone and iPad. The LifeWay Reader enhances your books with live links to Bible passages wherever the author references a verse. Fully integrated with the LifeWay ID platform, this app connects you directly to the content that you love.

App Features:

  • Easy Access To Your LifeWay Library - You’ll have access to the books in your LifeWay ID library. The LifeWay ID platform enables you to access your books across multiple devices and experiences.
  • Biblical Passage Links - Touch a Bible reference in any book, and instantly read the verse or jump into the full Bible.
  • The Complete HCSB - The Holman Christian Standard Bible translation comes fully installed and integrated into the app. Get the best Bible reading experience right alongside your books!



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Apple Watch Support

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Accessibility Comments

Few if any buttons are properly labeled, but the programmer labels are generally sufficient to give you an idea what they do. Before you can ropen a book, you have to switch to the list view via one of the cryptically labeled icons at the top. You can then open the book and Voiceover will read the page or chapter, but I could not find a way to move to the next page short of turning off Voiceover and swiping left with two fingers. The same goes for getting out of the book. You have to turn off Voiceover and double tap the top of the reading area to get two icons, again cryptically labeled, to be displayed. The first lets you get back to the library. The second gives you a table of contents.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads most page elements.

Button Labeling

Few buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some accessibility issues with this app, but it can still be used if you are willing to tolerate these issues and learn how to work around them.

Other Comments

You will need to create an acount with Lifeway using the web site before you can use this app.


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