The AppleVis Editorial Team

AppleVis has a small team of editors who are dedicated to ensuring that the site is an informative and entertaining experience. It is perhaps best to think of our editors as curators of the community's contributions to this site. That said, we’ll do everything we can to maintain an editorial standard consistent with those of any professional publication. As with any web site that allows member contributions, there are occasionally people who misuse AppleVis; members of the AppleVis Editorial Team must respond accordingly. We are not here to play the role of big brother; rather, we merely want to make AppleVis the best site possible.

Here is a list of the things that the site editors will do from time to time to improve the overall site experience.

  • Delete inappropriate content. Content that qualifies as inappropriate includes: spam, vulgar language, any sort of porn and just general nonsense that does nothing but confuse readers.
  • Add links or fix broken ones. If content would benefit from a link or the supplied one is incorrect, the editors will do their best to add an appropriate link.
  • Fix typos and inaccuracies. If you post something that contains significant typing mistakes or inaccuracies, the editors will do their best to fix these when they see them.

NOTE: Due to the volume of pages on AppleVis, the editors might miss some mistakes. If you spot something on this site that you think is incorrect, please use the site's contact page to let us know.​

AppleVis Editors