A Demonstration of BrailleTouch

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Note: This podcast has been remastered at 128 KBPS MP3.

In this podcast, Michael Hansen gives us a demonstration of the soon to be released app known as BrailleTouch. If you'd like to read more about this app, you can visit The BrailleTouch website

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good podcast, but ...


I just took a quick listen to this podcast and there's things I find good and bad about it. You explain the concepts well enough, the sound quality is pretty alright, phone is audible and it gives me a good idea of how fast you can type using this keyboard. BUT
I think I have counted you describing how to hold the phone in about 7 different ways, to the point of me groaning in despari everytime you said 'oh and one other thing' . I have to admit I just stopped listening and skimmed to the part where you are typing at some point because you were literally driving me crazy . I understand you want to be thurough but to explain a concept which is a little bit confusing is doable in one, maybe two repetitions. Not seven or eight.

Thanks For the Feedback

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Hi Florian,

I really appreciate your feedback. I wasn't sure how easy the concept of holding the phone was to grasp, and I didn't want to leave anyone behind in the dust on account of me not being thorough enough.

I do plan to record another demonstration once this app is released to the public, so I sincerely appreciate this and any other feedback.


Michael Hansen
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