How to copy a link from your PC onto your iPhone

Here&;s how to copy a link from your PC onto your iPhone:While surfing the net on my PC, I found an RSS feed which I wanted to add to EZFeeds on my iPhone. After searching unsuccessfully for a simple app to send clipboard content between PC and iPhone, I figured out this free workaround using Dropbox and notepad.

  1. Create a notepad file and paste the link you want to send to your iPhone in it. Save it to dropbox with a name you&;ll remember.
  2. Open Dropbox on your iPhone, navigate to the new file with your link and open it.
  3. Use the double-tap and hold gesture on the text of the link to bring up a pop-up with buttons labeled "Open", "copy" and "Cancel".
  4. Double-tap "copy" to get the link onto the iPhone clipboard.
  5. Open the app where you want the link to go and rotor through your choices to get to the "edit" option. Swipe down to "Paste" and double-tap. The link should appear in the edit box you are currently in.

I used this in EzFeed by clicking the "Add Feed" button on the main screen and pasting into the URL edit box.Hope this tip can help others.



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Cheers! Now can we have a way to do it the other way round please? Cheers once again!

That works, how ever i use a

That works, how ever i use a similar method.

1. download zero tap from the ios app store and follow the prompts.

2. go to and log in with your username and password you set up on zero tap

3. type what you want like a text message or that link you pasted to the clipboard.

4. Open the app and once it synchronizes go to copy and coy it to the phones clipboard.

5. swipe to paste in the edit router in your rss feed reader and double tap and there you go.

I use this method when I'm too lazy to use my bt keyboard and I'm in front of my computer. I sent a 7 thousand character iMessage to someone once as they needed to see a letter I had written.

Hope that helps.

Nice Tips

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Thanks for those tips. I haven't tried the Zero Tap and will certainly give that a look. I just usually send myself e-mails back and forth between the pc and phone. Once I retrieve my e-mail I just copy the link I've sent to myself or the text.

Thanks again!