Music Composition Software for the Mac

This topic may have come up before, but I am new to the AppleVis site and have not had ample time to browse the forums section. I am a music teacher and have a masters degree in music. I would like to know if there is any software that is accessible with VoiceOver for music composition on the Mac. I realize that it is possible to record tracks in GarageBand, but I am talking about something that will allow me to print out music for my sighted students to read.
I have used Sibelius software on Windows XP, and I know I can install windows on the mac with VMWare Fusion, but I would like to avoid installing windows if possible.


Nope, afraid not

Hi Heather,

To the best of my knowledge, you're out of luck. I took Sibelius 6 for a spin with VoiceOver some months ago, found that the menu system and a fair few of the configuration dialogs were usable, but there were too many gaps in accessibility to be productive really. I've had some contact with Avid about it, found them to be quite interested in modified stave notation, but wouldn't count on changes specifically aimed at improving accessibility happening any time soon. For now, I reckon you're stuck in Windows where the third party scripts can do most of the heavy lifting to get things going.

If you have the opportunity , you might want to give Sib 7 a shot with VO just in case anything has changed. There's definitely room for a crusade here, but considering how little I use sheet music for my current gigs I'm probably not the chap for the job. Would love to be told that my knowledge is out of date, so drop me a line if you find a solution that doesn't involve Windows.

yeah it's a shame as I love

yeah it's a shame as I love arranging music and I have a good arrangement for girls choir for o come Emanuel in my head and I cannot get it down on paper and I don't want to run my windows machine just to do this especially since I don't use jaws anymore. Thoughts as well?

Late to the party...

So, this conversation's long-dead, but I felt the need to revive it. I think it's tragic (and unacceptable) that there's such a lack of accessible music notation software. Being blind offers absolutely no hindrance to composing music, save for the impediment presented by a lack of accessible scorewriting suites. To me, that means that this should be one of the most avid demands of the blind community - there's no reason that we shouldn't have access to functional notation software.

I say "functional," but what I mean is "equally functional." I currently use Lime Aloud from DancingDots...and don't get me wrong - I love it. At least it allows me to input and edit a score and offers detailed information on the part of the score I'm working with. It's awesome to be able to print off a score and hand it to sighted musicians and hear them play/sing it. But I always need a bit of sighted help to make sure that the final formatting is alright because Lime's program isn't sophisticated enough to automatically determine spacing and keep staves, notes, and lyrics from overlapping one another. It's issues like this that hold Lime Aloud back from being "equally accessible." I have no experience with Sibelius (I didn't know it was even the least bit accessible) so anyone who can offer any recommendations (or words of warning) on that front would be appreciated.

But at any rate, while I'm very grateful for what Lime Aloud lets me do, the fact remains that it's an underpowered cousin of the more feature-packed screen readers, which are totally inaccessible...and that doesn't seem okay to me. I know this isn't strictly Mac-related, but this seemed like a good place to start the conversation. So if anybody feels as strongly about this as I do, by all means chime in!