Blind Earth Escape


Description of App: 

Want a challenging maze game? How about one that's also a game for your child? Children will LOVE the simple, visible mazes for the sounds and animation.

All will enjoy solving more difficult invisible mazes. People who are visually impaired will be on equal footing with others with the help of VoiceOver.

You have discovered precious silver in the earth! Your job is to drag your precious silver balls up 5 levels to the surface, moving blindly up through the ground to Freedom and fresh air! Enjoy 3 maze types, with 3 skill levels per type. Fun for children or even a genius!

Three type of mazes:

  • Completely Visible mazes, especially good for developing a child's coordination and analytical skills.
  • "Progress" mazes which start out Invisible. When a ball is dragged across an invisible wall, the ball falls to its starting position, a small explosion occurs at the wall, and the wall is displayed and remains that way.
  • Invisible mazes that remain completely invisible. Only explosions and the ball dropping will be your clues to the location of walls. You can find your way through trial and error, but you will need to rely on your memory and spatial visualization.

Surely there is a level of difficulty for everyone, or for every occasion. Whether you just want to enjoy the game play, sounds, and animations-- or whether you really want a challenge.

Enjoy your Blind Earth Escape!

Only 5 rows of walls separate you from your goal. And there are only 4 columns in which to move. But when the walls are invisible, try remembering the successful steps you've taken, or determining when you must be headed for a dead end. I dare you!

Choose 1 of 3 ball movement sounds. They provide additional feedback when exploring an invisible maze.



Free or Paid: 


Device(s) App Was Tested On: 

iPod Touch 3G

Accessibility Comments: 

As the description suggests, the app is fully accessible. The developers really put in a lot of work into this. Each single control has a clear hint, and the very first screen has a small guide for voiceover users on the app layout.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments: 

Well,. I will admit I kind of stink at maze games, but I find this quite fun to do. The sound design is really nice and VO doesn't need to be turned off to play.


Blindfold Ping Pong by the same developer of Blind Earth Escape

You might like Blindfold Ping Pong, a "Wii-like" game by the same developer of Blind Earth Escape. The screen navigation layout is virtually identical to Blind Earth Escape, including a navigation overview on the opening page which is available only to Voice Over users. After selecting skill level and number of players, the game is conducted using voice prompts, game sounds, and crowd sounds. Swing your device like a paddle to serve, return a serve, or return a volley. The sounds of a ball hitting your paddle and that of your virtual opponent, plus the sounds of the ball hitting the table will be your cue when to swing. Score is kept automatically.

See review at

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So I downloaded this game and gave it a try. I'll be honest how can you tell if you have moved at all? I hear the ball rolling but it keep making that noise regardless if I'm stationary or if I think I have moved in a direction. The only way I could see that I was moving was that when I drop the ball it is located in the area where I dropped it. So is there something I'm missing? Found it very hard to use especially not knowing what or where I'm going. Any suggestions?

Blind earth Escape

I also found this app rather strange, and I can't get it work at all on my ipod running IOS6 but I'm not missing much.

**gone free**

I have one of those app tracker apps and I see that this game alone with blindfold Ping-Pong are now both free. I just thought someone might want to know.